(almost) Two Weeks Notice

I’m quickly coming up on the end of my first two weeks of the Candida Diet. After much more research, I’ve added cheese back to my diet, as well as vinegar. The reasons they are banned from the diet just didn’t add up scientifically enough for me. The whole idea of making one’s body more acidic or more alkaline flies in the face of everything I ever learned about homeostasis. I figure if my body chemistry is that far off, there’s something seriously more wrong than just a bit of yeast.

So far, I’ve lost 16 pounds, my tongue is a beautiful pink with no fuzz, and other than some pretty horrific nausea, I’m feeling really good. I had four days of migraine from hell, but both the migraine and the nausea are normal on an extremely low carb diet. I’m hoping that the extra fat from the cheese will help the nausea ease off a bit.

Although I gave my best effort to switch to Stevia, I just can’t do it. It tastes awful to me. I have that weird bitterness gene that picks up flavors most people miss. It’s why I can’t eat green bell peppers. But, the upside of my being sugar free is that after the last 12 days, I now need MUCH less Splenda. I’m now using three in my coffee and only one in my iced tea. Oh yeah, I added black tea back in, too. It was pretty funny when my daughter made me a cup of cinnamon tea a few days ago and used four Splenda, when I normally used five. It was like drinking syrup!! I was expecting a little bit of adjustment, but I certainly wasn’t expecting that much. I think after another week I can probably go down to two packets in coffee/hot tea. I’m planning on using just a half packet in my iced tea today; we’ll see how it goes.

Aubrey and I are going camping for a few days for the first time in ages. We decided to forego the tent and we’re staying in a screened shelter instead. We have to leave there early on Thursday because she goes back to work on Thursday night, so not having to break down a tent will get us out of there faster. Plus the shelters have wooden bed frames, electricity, and a ceiling fan/light combo, as well as tables inside the shelter, making dinner much more pleasant. It also gives us a place to play games at night. Without internet or cell phone service, it’s enforced digital detox for both of us.

Planning extremely low-carb meals for camping is much harder than it might seem. Chili, hamburgers, and all beef hot dogs minus buns are on the list, as are tomatoes and avocados, but salad is a bit hard to keep fresh without a fridge. We normally have lots of fruit, grilled cheese, and of course, junk food, but those are all on the no fly list for me. I’m sure Aubrey will take her pounds of junk food, but she’s on her own with that.

I’m committed to this extremely low-carb lifestyle for the next few months at least.  I’m continuing to take a pro-biotic, and I’ve added oil of oregano to my supplements, as an anti-fungal. I’m not one to dismiss unscientific stuff out of hand, thanks to my experience with fibromyalgia, being gluten free, and low-dose-naltrexone. While fibro is completely accepted now, it was once considered pure hoke. Most doctors don’t believe in using LDN, but without it, I might as well have Alzheimer’s. As for being gluten free, I know what a huge difference it made in my daughter’s life. It GAVE her a life. Before being GF, she was sleeping 21 hours a day, was in miserable pain and vomiting constantly. So yeah, I’m willing to follow something that doctors consider medically iffy.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the weight loss continues. I’ve got an entire wardrobe waiting for me!


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