Saturday Night I’ll Be In The Spotlight

Today is my 46th birthday. Every birthday, I look back over the past year and think, “This has been the best year so far!” In a way, it is, because the new one has yet to reveal itself, but I am always amazed at how each year outdoes the last.

45 was fantastic in every way. Matt got better and started a new chapter in his life. Aubrey moved out and has yet to  move back now that Matt is gone. My relationship with Ron strengthened and we’re better than ever. I made fantastic friends, cleared away the clutter of bad relationships, became a better knitter. We got a new (ish) car. Everyone is as healthy as can be expected.

46 is going to be amazing, though. I’ve got a core group of truly wonderful women that I regularly spend time with, talk to, dine with. I’m in better shape than I was a year ago, and I’m getting physically stronger every time I swim. I’m a faster knitter, so I should be able to finish more projects this year. My friend Danna and I are starting our own line of hand-dyed and hand painted yarn.

This year, the house will finally get (at least a little more) organized, I will get rid of anything that doesn’t fit me in August, and I will do whatever it takes to avoid getting any more steroid injections. We will finally get a few projects done around here, like fixing the fence that is currently held up by a rope to our basketball hoop.

This year, we will get the last credit card paid off. We will take another vacation together this fall that will be better than last October’s because it won’t have the pall of my newly diagnosed heart condition hanging over it. We will buy a second car that’s not from craigslist. I will visit Matt in California at least once.

Yep, 46 is going to rock. And if you don’t believe me, just watch.


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