I’ve been intermittently busy, punctuated by naps here and there. I finally painted my sewing cabinet that is my new desk in the new office/craft room. I’ve been scouring craigslist and Goodwill and garage sales for various wicker baskets and boxes, and I’ve had some great luck. I managed to score a really pretty wingback recliner for $49 from craigslist, too.

I had bought a sample quart of a super pale gray from Sherwin Williams, but when I painted a sample swatch on the desk, it was barely noticeable from the primer, which is white. I wanted a slightly bluer gray, so I rummaged through my paint supplies and found an entire gallon of the dark blue/gray that I used on the walls. Thank goodness, because I also need to patch the walls where Aubrey did a really crappy job of hanging things around the room. I mixed in about 3/6 of a cup (1/3 and another half of 1/3) of the wall color into the gray, gave it a good shake and a stir, painted the top of the desk and let it dry. It is PERFECT!

While the paint dried, I started in on the credenza, a garage sale shelf, and a pair of patio loungers that I picked up at the same garage sale. Everything had to be sanded, which meant that when my mouse sander decided to fall apart, it was a major crisis. I tried using scrapbook tape to hold the pad and paper on the body, but it just fell off. Then I thought about E6000 glue, but when I dug it out, it was completely dried up. Crap! I almost went to Harbor Freight to buy a cheap sander, but I saw a roll of red super stick tape. I slapped it all over the pad and body and it stuck!! Yay!!

Once the desk was painted and the credenza was primed, I got all the furniture into the room. When Ron got home last night he sat in the recliner, declared it comfy, then sat there while we discussed the furniture placement. Even he was impressed with how it’s looking, and I am thrilled. I can’t wait until I can get in there and start crafting.

Yesterday, I finally found the chairs that I have been scouring on craigslist for. I’ve looked almost every day for the last two weeks, and it paid off. I found a pair of wingback recliners in a beautiful dark sage green with a botanical leaf print. Matt carried the sofa out to the shed, effectively removing Aubrey’s place to sleep. I figured it would motivate her to help me get her room cleared and her bed set up.

Today Aubrey is off, so we hit it hard. We got all the rest of my stuff out of her new room and stacked it all in the living room. I am adamant that NOTHING goes in that office unless it has a place, even if it means the living room is an absolute disaster. We set up the bed, put on clean sheets, and centered it between two bookshelves. It looks so pretty! She’s excited to have enough room for all her stuff, but I did lay down the law about keeping the space clean. If she can’t keep it clean, she’s going to have to move out, ready or not.

All in all, even though I’m ready to drop from exhaustion, I am really happy with all that’s been accomplished. I couldn’t have done it without Matt’s help. Since he has a van, he took me to pick up all my craigslist finds, moved furniture multiple times from room to room and out to the shed, and kept me entertained in between. Aubrey has been amazing about helping me, in spite of her also being exhausted and in a fibro flare. Ron was great about the few things that I had to buy, and he’s been positive and supportive. I know he’s glad to see projects being finished, stuff being thrown away, and things getting done.

I’m pushing for a garage sale on Saturday and can only hope the weather  wants to cooperate. I am holding off a major flare by sheer force of will, and I’ve promised myself that starting Sunday, I can die for the week even if the living room is STILL a disaster. Just a few more days… I can make it!


A look at where we started


The floor is under there somewhere.


The desk was my old sewing cabinet that was free from a friend. The recliner was a craigslist find. The desk chair is from a resale shop, the credenza was a plain pine buffet from IKEA that wasn’t being used anymore, and the baskets were in a coffee table (also from IKEA) that I bought several years ago off craigslist.


A summer ice pail, several paper boxes from Michaels, and lots of IKEA KASSETT boxes hold a fraction of my yarn.


Hard to believe but I found this fabric at Walmart. The paisley was $7/yard and the teal canvas was $2/yard. The canvas is going on a three panel folding screen and the paisley will be accents around the room.


6 thoughts on “

  1. So nice! I hope you’ll keep the seamstress dummy in there?

    • mzklever says:

      Actually, that’s my daughter’s. I’d like to get a vintage one, but that will have to wait until she’s out of the house and I get the big room back!!

  2. Homelea Lass says:

    You’ve got some big changes happening and it sounds exciting! I’m looking forward to seeing the finished room.


  3. pavanneh says:

    I love the colors and the patterns. Very soothing room.

  4. mzklever says:

    LOL! Unfortunately, that room no longer exists. Before I even had a chance to finish it, my son had to move home. He’s moved out again, but that room is now my husband’s office and our guest bedroom. My craft room is now in our converted garage, but it’s not even remotely decorated.

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