I Want To Thank You!

Today is one of the best days ever! When I started this blog a million years ago, I really thought it would be more of a personal journal because no one was ever going to read it. Well, it took almost exactly five years but there are now TWO HUNDRED of you, reading my words, liking my posts, commenting and giving encouragement.


On February 9, it will be five years. FIVE years! FIVE YEARS!! That is longer than my second marriage (by a long shot!). Traditionally, the fifth anniversary means gifts made of wood. Since I’m no longer killing trees by writing on lined wire bound notebooks, I’m saving thousands of trees, so it’s appropriate.

My very first post was inspired by Semisonic’s “Closing Time.” I had just embarked on a new chapter of my life at age 40; while I had the life I wanted, it wasn’t the life I had planned. Because my life has a sound track, I decided that song lyrics and titles would be my post titles. While I sometimes have to search for a song to go with my ranting, most of the time my posts are inspired by a song, making it easy to know which one to choose.

I never dreamed that I would have “blogger recognition” problems because I would meet someone who reads my blog…Aubrey’s boss once did a search on the restaurant and my post came up; the one about how Aubrey decided to apply. Fortunately, no one else knows who I am because I use of a picture of me when I was four as my avatar.

Thank you for sharing my life, the trials and tribulations of my marriage, the joys and tears of raising my children, and a few of my personal opinions on various politically charged topics. My thoughts are mine, as are my interpretations of other people’s actions. I know I’ve been wrong about the motivation and thought processes of some that I have written about, but it’s not about those people, it’s all about how I interpret things, right or wrong. That doesn’t make me less wrong, obviously. What I mean to say is that when I do get something wrong, it’s not a personal attack about whomever I am writing. Since this blog is about my feelings, when I write something, it is what I feel, not necessarily what that person MEANT.

What do I have planned for the next five years? More marriage stuff, obviously. Lots of stuff about my kids. I have a separate blog for my knitting and crochet, so not much of that. Lots of political rants during the next election cycle. Overall, there will be a whole lot of general rambling.

I imagine that in the next five years, Aubrey will date again, Matt will eventually settle down, there might be a grandchild in the mix somewhere, Aub will go to school, maybe I’ll go to school, maybe we’ll move to a new house, maybe I’ll finish a project or two. I hope that I will be decluttered before these five years are up. Personally, I hope I’m a better person, a better friend, a better mom. I hope that I continue to grow and learn, and that life doesn’t stagnate.

Most of all, I hope you all stick around for the ride!


2 thoughts on “I Want To Thank You!

  1. daniellajoe says:

    Congrats!!!! Time flies ….. I’m sticking around 🙂

  2. mzklever says:

    Yay!! And thanks 🙂

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