On The Road Again

Finally! I am officially on my way to Connecticut, having been picked up by my friends Bill and Leigh yesterday. We spent the night in Shreveport at Leigh’s dad’s house before heading out this morning.

When I packed all my stuff, my husband thought I was crazy. I filled my daughter’s station wagon (we met up with Bill and Leigh in Hearne, Tx, which is halfway between San Antonio and Shreveport) with winter clothes, electronics, photography equipment, and a third of my yarn stash, including a few WIP (works in progress). I know there is no way I’ll be able to bring it all back on the plane, but much of it is staying at Leigh’s anyway. I’m up there so often, it makes sense to keep a yarn stash at her house, as well as my winter clothes.

This trip is like a six week sleep-away art/fat camp. Part of the electronics that I packed are a set of yoga videos and a walking video. We plan to make exercise a part of every day, so no just sitting on my butt, knitting away. Bill is also wanting to lose a few pounds and has agreed to juice with me, so after my first week of baking/cooking/taking advantage of Leigh’s gorgeous kitchen, we will do a ten day juice fast.


Of course, all of that is secondary to more photo sessions with Leigh’s gorgeous grandbabies and a whole lot of knitting. I brought all of my photography equipment (lights, stands, umbrellas, tripod, reflector), and we will set up a studio in the corner of Leigh’s giant den. With her youngest daughter about to deliver her second child, a girl, I am looking forward to newborn photos galore. Chloe, her oldest granddaughter, is such a joy to photograph, while Ollie is an absolute ham for the camera. Xander is ridiculously photogenic, but he’s constantly on the move so I end up with a blur more often than not.


Xander, future supermodel!


Chloe trying to keep her hair out of her eyes at the beach


Ollie doing his favorite thing

I adore them, and they make the BEST photo subjects!

I admit, I packed way too much yarn. Four tote sized bags and one giant IKEA dog/pet storage bag is a LOT of yarn. But I have high hopes of getting several projects completed, including Xander’s baby blanket (almost two years too late), my friend Jennifer’s shawl (that I started in June), the Kuura shawl for me, the Simple Lace Scarf for a gift, and a whole lot of squares for my afghan for my bed.

We have a busy six weeks ahead, as Bill is also going to teach me to do some woodwork. I want to make a drop spindle and practice spinning with cotton balls. Leigh and I have three Hefty bags full of fabric samples to play with, and I want to make a few knitting project bags. So much to do! Hopefully, blogging will fit in there somewhere…with photos!


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