Unpack Your Adjectives

As I drove Ron to work this morning, we hit crazy traffic about three blocks over. Ron said, “What is going on today?” I realized it was the first day of school, and reminded him to slow down to 20 mph, since we were in the school zone. He was still not convinced it was the whole story, since the rest of the year, traffic is nowhere near as dreadful. I pointed out that a lot of parents take their kids to school on the first day, rather than having them go on the bus, or walk, or go from morning care.

I remember my first day of school ritual with Aubrey that started when she entered 2nd grade. At that time, my ex-husband had custody, but we were still amicable. I picked her up around 7:15am, and we went to Starbucks for hot chocolate and scones. Of course, we’d go to an early breakfast plenty of times throughout the year, but that first one was sacred. She’d be all dressed up in her cute first day clothes, carrying her backpack that weighed twice what she did, with her hair in pony tails, or a French braid, or a headband.

That’s the thing about the first day of school. Everything is new, from ribbons to crayons. Faces are scrubbed fresh, shoes are unscuffed, and socks match. Lunch boxes still have all their pieces and backpack handles are still sewn, rather than broken and tied in a knot. For kids, January 1st has little meaning, but that first day of school holds a world of promise. New teachers, new friends, new things to learn.

I was going to bring Aubrey a chai tea from Starbucks this morning, but the traffic was even worse coming home, and I had a sneaking suspicion that she was still in bed, even though she had to be at work at 10am. I was right, so it was a good thing I came home. Although our ritual is at its end, I know that at some point, she will revive it with her own children.

Now I get to go fight for parking with all the University students as I head to the pool. I have 9 days left until I leave for my trip, so I really want to make that last push to drop another ten pounds. I’ve been surviving on Greek yogurt for the last few days, and I’ll start juicing again this afternoon. Leigh and I have a ton of plans, and I know I’ll feel better and have more energy if I can manage to go down one more size.

Congratulations to all of you parents that survived the summer without eating any of your young. That’s quite the accomplishment.


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