Raspberry Beret

Monday, July 15, Day 7

Now down a total of 13 lbs in the last six days. While I’m still in my fat clothes, they fit a lot better, as I was starting to strain at the seams of some, and no longer fit into more than a few. I’m looking forward to wearing jeans again! I have about ten pair that no longer fit, but I love them so much that I can’t bear to part with them. By the time it’s cool enough to wear them again, they will fit perfectly!

Last night, I fell asleep without taking my meds. That normally means that I sleep horribly, wake up sore and achy, and I’m totally miserable the entire day. Nope. I did take 150mg of Lyrica and my 1mg of clonazepam, because missing a dose of either of those can be really bad. Other than a bit of a runny nose from not taking my hydroxyzine, I feel fabulous.

Today, I noticed how soft and smooth my skin has become. My arms have always suffered from “chicken skin;” little white bumps that just make them feel all goosebumpy. I’m able to scrub them off, but they are back again the next day. This morning in the shower, I realized that my arms were completely free of any bumps.

My skin, my hair, my joints, and my energy are all improving. I feel like I’m almost out of the flare from hell, but I’m not calling it quite yet. However, I do think that by the end of my ten days, I will definitely be flare free.

With all this energy, I’m ready to get into a pool. I’m DYING to get into a pool. However, all the local natatoriums are closed for upgrades!! Why the heck do they decide to close the good pools in the middle of summer??? So now I have to wait until August 1 to get into the really good pool. They don’t prorate memberships, so even joining in the middle of the month costs a full month. I’ll wait.

Both Matt and I have noticed the huge difference in our hair. Since he was in his teens, his hair has been thick and wiry, and really dry. Now it’s soft and fuller, and he’s got hair coming in where it was once going out. He’s down about 15 lbs so far. I thought for sure he’d be further along than me, since most of my meals are mainly fruit, while he’s doing lots of greens. I was surprised to find that we’re pretty much even. Proof that even sticking with plain fruit is better than not juicing at all.

Meanwhile, Aubrey looks awful. Working five days a week at both jobs is starting to really get to her. She’s been skipping meals because she’s either too tired, or just doesn’t have time. She’s off today, so she’s spending the day playing Guitar Hero. She took some of her hard earned money a few days ago and bought a PS2 that I found on craigslist for $100. It came with all kinds of games, three guitars, an Eye Toy, a steering wheel and pedals, and a golf sensor. Today’s the first day she’s had time to touch it, other than setting it up for me on Thursday morning. We did have to institute a “no being in the office after 10pm” or else she’d be up all night and REALLY not get any sleep. She was too tired to even fix herself real food this morning, so when we got home from shopping, I scrubbed an apple, sliced it up, and gave her a 3-slice grilled cheese sandwich to go with it. She scarfed it down, and seems a little better.

So far, I cannot say enough good things about juicing. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done, and I’ll be forever grateful that Matt talked me into it. Joe Cross and the film Fat Sick And Nearly Dead have changed the way I think about food, my body, and how what I eat really affects the way I feel. I wish everyone could try it, even for just ten days.




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