Strawberry Fields Forever

For anyone just joining us, I am now halfway through my 10 day juicing journey. I have severe fibromyalgia and I am at an unhealthy weight. I also have a very unhealthy lifestyle, as well as a ridiculously unhealthy regular diet. After watching Fat Sick And Nearly Dead, my son talked me into giving juicing a try, as he didn’t want to do it by himself. I agreed, he bought a juicer, and we started filling Ball Jar after Ball Jar.

Sunday, July 14, Day 6

WHOO HOO!!! I am down 11 pounds in five days! I am past the magical 10 pound water weight mark, and I am now into true weight loss territory. I am excited that for the first time in quite a while, my breasts stick out further than my stomach. This is a big deal, because I have small breasts. My stomach skin has lost its full, stretched feeling. It is now loose and saggy, so if nothing else, I am more comfortable.

Once again, I woke up early this morning, around 6am. I laid in bed and listened to music until my husband got up at 7am. I was sort of dreading breakfast, as all that was left in the fridge was a 32 oz bottle of Beet Berry and 8 oz of Rainbow Bright. The beets are making me gag, so I knew I had to dilute them somehow. Ron suggested juicing an extra orange, or mixing the leftovers together. Brilliant! I poured the Beet Berry and Rainbow Bright from jar to jar, stirring it all up between pourings. Once I was satisfied that it was as mixed as it was going to get, I poured a glass and took a huge chug. MUCH better!

I did attempt to drink it with a straw, with the idea that then my nose wouldn’t be so close to the glass. Bad idea. It spends too much time on the taste buds. The way to drink this stuff is in as few gulps as possible, while keeping your tongue pressed down on the floor of your mouth and your throat wide open. It’s like chugging beer…I literally just pour it down my throat. There are only a few swallows involved. My taste buds are mostly spared the horror of beet juice.

Today, the big news is that my feet don’t hurt, and my hands are less achy. Lately my feet have been painfully stiff and arthritic. To wake up and stretch and find that I can wiggle my toes was a lovely surprise. Stretching wasn’t as painful, either. Since my main goal is to get out of this fibromyalgia flare, this is all good.

Last night, however, was not so good. Lately (before I started juicing), everything has tasted salty and gross, and there is blood in my saliva. My tongue hurts, but I attributed the pain to eating the majority of a box of Spree in one sitting; in other words, an acid burn. Usually acid burns heal within a few days, so I figured something else was up. When I went to brush my teeth, I checked my tongue expecting to see a red spot. Instead, it was white and furry looking. I googled “white furry tongue” and the most likely culprit is Thrush, which is a yeast infection in the mouth. Sugar makes it worse, and unfortunately, my juices have tons of sugar. I’m not about to stop juicing, so I may be stuck with this for another week or so. I am calling my doctor on Tuesday morning to see if I can get a script for Diflucan. I know she’s going to tell me to eat yogurt, which I will happily do as soon as my ten days are up. In the meantime, I am going to pick up some acidophilus from the health food store and add that in with my other supplements.

The hardest thing so far was that I couldn’t make breakfast with my husband this morning. I bought red, gold, and orange bell peppers the other day, and I’m dying for an omelete. No ham or bacon. I want tomatoes, peppers, green onion chives, and cheese. I love our Sunday morning breakfasts. Actually, I enjoy cooking with my husband, period. We always chat and laugh; it’s our quality time. At least I will appreciate next weekend even more, after being deprived this weekend.



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