Look Away! Look Away! Look Away! Dixie Land

At the moment, I’m wallowing somewhere between severe depression and even more severe disappointment. For a few days, I had the hope that we would be moving to Massachusetts. Unfortunately, those hopes were dashed for at least another six to nine months. That means I’m stuck in this God-awful heat for the rest of this year. I can’t stand it. I feel trapped in the house, because it’s so hot and humid, I cannot breath when I’m outside. It’s like trying to breath with your face in a fire; it sucks the oxygen right out of your lungs. Our poor air conditioner can’t keep up with these temperatures and I live in fear of it going out.

However, the weather is nothing compared to living in the Perry totalitarian state. It does not matter that I not only had my tubes tied 20 years ago, and that I had a hysterectomy almost two years ago. It matters that I don’t have a penis. Most importantly, it matters because I have a daughter. In a state where rapists have more rights than their victims, where anyone can decide that filling your prescription for birth control pills is “against their beliefs,” and where women’s rights are being stripped away faster than I can peel the paint off Matt’s walls, it is not a safe place to be a woman. I am seriously considering sending my daughter away, to where she will be safe, respected, and treated like a human being.

It is terrifying to live 8 hours from the borders of any other states, and worse yet, to be surrounded by other states that are equally anti-women, although New Mexico is nowhere near as bad as Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. When a law can pass in spite of the majority of voters being against that law; when it temporarily passes because the legislators lie and illegally change the time stamp in the database; and when women are not allowed to speak out against the passing of such laws, it is obvious that there is an outright war on women.

It pisses me off no end that Perry would dare to use the excuse that they are closing women’s clinics (and keep in mind, these clinics that are closing offer other healthcare services besides abortion) because they are concerned with the safety and welfare of women and children (because obviously, women can’t think for themselves!). If he were truly concerned about the safety and welfare of women and children, why did his lackeys defund Planned Parenthood, refuse government funds for increased health care access for poor women and children, and cut welfare benefits for women and children? There is no joke about it; without those benefits, children will starve, go without checkups and vaccinations, and will not have access to dental care.

My daughter is fortunate. We are far from rich, but we have enough that she is covered by our health insurance. We can order her meds from online pharmacies. Sending her away is a real option, should things start to get worse (God, I can only imagine what “worse” could possibly mean). Not everyone has those options. In fact, most of the women in Texas don’t have those options.

I think the current political situation is more frightening for those of us who have read Margaret Atwoods’, “The Handmaid’s Tale.” We see the signs of what could be lurking around the corner…women being separated out as breeders, women not being allowed to read, women existing purely for the pleasure of men. Oh, but that’s science fiction! That could never happen! Let me remind you that “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea” was also science fiction. In the fifties, Isaac Asimov wrote about a cylinder shaped device that could be run across a page and scanned into digital memory. Once upon a time, organ transplants, air travel, space flights…they were all science fiction, and now they are science fact.

I hate the possibility of my being lumped in with conspiracy theorists, but honestly, changing the time stamp on a bill? What is that if not a conspiracy? Does the fact that they were caught make it any less undemocratic?

So now we wait and we watch. What other laws will be passed that will strip away women’s rights? How long before we’re not allowed to have jobs? Before we’re not allowed to drive cars, or read books, or have access to the internet? Meanwhile, I will make sure that Aubrey has a current passport and enough to buy a plane ticket out of here when all hell breaks loose.


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