Pour Me Another Shot of Whiskey

It has been a rough six weeks. Having a dental appointment once or twice a week, and being financially on the edge of disaster is exhausting. We were just about to have the second credit card paid off when we not only had to max that one, but the one that had been paid off and was sitting in a drawer for emergencies. I don’t mind being poor, but I hate being broke, and yes, there is a difference. Being poor means that you’re living within your means, even if those means are small. Being broke means there is NO money for extras of any kind, and even groceries are going on the credit card, which every financial consultant will tell you is a huge no-no.

So when the kids wanted to take me out for my birthday last night, even though I was tired, I was also excited and really looking forward to it. Aubrey got some free entrance tickets  from a friend, so that saved some, and since we’re gluten free, we couldn’t eat much from any of the food booths, so that saved even more. We ended up drinking margaritas and standing around the karaoke booth for most of the night. I had an absolute blast.

I love hearing my kids sing, and I especially love it when I get to show them off to the public. Matt sang the Joe Cocker version of “A Little Help From My Friends,” while Aubrey sang twice. Her first song was “Pour Me” by Trick Pony, and later on, she sang “La Bamba” in Spanish, which always blows people away, since she is so very, very, very white. The crowd was whistling and hollering for both of the kids, and one group of people even came up to me to say how great they were.

Aubrey had one guy ask if he could take a picture with her and if she had a business card (she had joked about making some up for the evening), and when she said she didn’t, he asked for her facebook page. While it’s hard to judge a crazy stalker from their cover, Aubrey pointed him out to me in the crowd, and he seemed cute if somewhat preppy. He hasn’t facebooked her yet, so nothing may come of it, but it gave her an ego boost nonetheless. Matt flirted with one girl, and had a couple of other girls that flirted with him, but he said they were just trying to get him to buy them beer.

I had a huge ego boost because I got carded for every drink that I bought, which was five different booths. No one believed I was 44, and all the signs said they were required to card anyone who looked under 30. Matt didn’t get carded (flashbacks to my 32nd birthday), but he’s always looked older than his age. Most everyone said I looked 22, which I don’t believe for a second. But I certainly don’t look 44…even I can admit that.

While Aubrey and I waited for Matt to show up, she decided to get a temporary tattoo from the Irish section. She ended up with a tramp stamp, but had them put it between her shoulders.


She says she’ll never get a real one because it’s too much commitment, and besides, she’s terrified of needles. Can’t blame her on either point!

Of course, now that she’s sung in front of a huge (drunk) crowd, she’s dying to go to karaoke in Memphis and Nashville. I told her that A&R people don’t go to karaoke bars to “discover” people, but I know what she can do when she’s determined, so I’ll just stay out of this one. On the plus side, since Matt will have a degree in music business, I won’t have to worry about her business manager screwing her over…assuming Matt would ever want to be her business manager in the first place.

I never get a chance to go out on the town with both of my kids at the same time, so that made this birthday particularly wonderful. Even though I ended up trapped in bed today from being super tired, it gave me a little time to catch up on YOUR blogs, and I got some crochet work done. Not a shabby way to start out age 44.


One thought on “Pour Me Another Shot of Whiskey

  1. (Belated) Happy Birthday! Thank you for following my blog!

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