It’s My Birthday Too, Yeah!

As usual, life did NOT work out as planned. In spite of our intent to make it to NIOSA last night, instead we are going to have to brave “College Night,” which means about 30,000 people in a space that’s about four square blocks or so (that might actually be a bit too generous).

So why did we not make it last night? Because of another dental disaster. Yesterday, my permanent crowns came in, and I had my appointment to seat them at 9:30am. No big deal, 30 minute appointment, in and out, right? Um…no.

It seemed like everything was going fine. The first two temp crowns came right off with no problem. However, when the assistant tried to take off the third crown, I just about hit the ceiling. Considering the assistant is pregnant, I’m really glad that I don’t have an automatic punch response, and instead, only jumped in the chair.

Assistant M. decided that Dr. S. needed to look at it; Dr. S. tried to remove it and again, I nearly hit the ceiling. She figured a shot or two of novacaine would do the trick. No such luck. 20 minutes later, I was still not numb, my mouth was throbbing, and I was holding my cheek and moaning like a bear in a trap. So she gave me two palatal injections…still not numb. Two more gum injections…nothing. A third palatal finally made it stop throbbing, but she said it still might hurt when she tried to remove it. I asked for the nitrous oxide. It may cost $40, but it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO worth it.

Since I was pretty checked out on the N.O., Dr. S. and my favorite assistant, L. (although I love them all) worked quickly and got the crown off and the permanent crowns on. The problem was that we weren’t sure if it was my gums that were inflamed, or if I need a root canal on my 2nd molar. Because the pain was radiating throughout my mouth, I couldn’t tell if it was a specific tooth, my gums, or the injection sites.

While assistant M. tried to find a dentist with a CT machine that was open, I started shaking as my blood sugar dropped from the after effect of the N.O. They gave me a teeny tiny Coca Cola and a GIANT spoonful of Nutella. Now that is some serious dental service! If I knew I would get a giant spoonful of Nutella every time, I’d be begging to go to the dentist!

images (5) images (4)

Because we weren’t going to be able to go to NIOSA anyway, Aubrey asked when their next available appointment was so she could get her upper left quadrant done. Luckily for her, they had one at 2pm, which was just 15 minutes after they finished with me. We ran to grab some fries since neither of us had eaten any real food, and were back at 2:05. Not too shabby on the timing 🙂

They started working on Aubrey while I curled in a corner of the room, clutching my cheek and moaning (still), and fell asleep thanks to the klonopin that was still in my system. When I woke up, they said they had found a CT machine, but I would have to be there in less than an hour. Aubrey didn’t have any meds in her system, so she was able to drive.

After the 30 minute appointment that turned into an entire day at the dentist (from 9:30 to 3:30), Aubrey and I both wanted tramadol and sleep. Besides, we’d never make it down there in time to avoid the major crowds, so we just crossed our fingers and hoped for the best for today.

When we got home, I did some research as I was worried that because of my fibromyalgia, I might have developed trigeminal neuralgia as well, which causes serious pain in the mouth, sinuses, head, ear, throat, and teeth. After reading many articles, studies, and whatnot, I concluded that I don’t have trigeminal neuralgia, and instead, it’s just my plain old fibro that’s causing so many problems. If you (or someone you know) has fibromyalgia and has problems at the dentist, this article is extremely helpful and informative:

Fortunately, as my happiest birthday present ever, I woke up with NO PAIN at all! Which is why we are going to NIOSA tonight!! Woot! I’m hoping that tonight is like my 21st birthday, and I won’t have to pay for a drink all night. Probably not, since I’m now 44 instead of 21, but there’s always a chance. Can I just claim that I’m 22 twice? No? Oh well…

On another bright note, Aubrey and I have been working on her Style and Fashion blog, and she’s getting a bunch of positive responses. We plan to make a few videos on how to put on makeup so that it looks natural, beauty tips like dealing with emergency pimples FAST, how to shop at a thrift store, putting on a wig, etc… Obviously, that’s a lot, so if you’re interested in beauty, style, and fashion tips, check out Aubrey In Style.

Time to get up and get moving…it takes a lot of work for me to look presentable, and God only knows how many people from high school I’ll run into tonight. Unfortunately, it won’t be with my car.


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