Express Yourself

Yesterday, Aubrey entered a competition for e.l.f. cosmetics. The grand prize is a photo shoot in New York, and that part is decided by judges, but there’s also a “popular vote” competition. The winner of the popular vote gets an all expense paid vacation to a Beaches resort. Since she could take another adult with her, this means that *I* would win an all expense paid vacation to a Beaches resort!

I have (literally) THOUSANDS of pictures of Aubrey, so narrowing it down to six was near impossible. Not only does she have hundreds of fantastic pics, but I look at photos from a photographer’s point of view. That means I like the artsy, unique shots, like the one of her spinning in her purple dress (that for whatever reason photographs blue)…



Or the zombie pic…


There are a million reasons why this is one of my most favorite photos that I’ve ever taken. The wind was blowing her hair just messy enough, I caught the “REBELS” at the bottom, the top of her dress looks torn, her hands are perfectly spread…I could go on, but like I said, there are a million reasons. I finally narrowed it down to her headshot as the primary pic. I chose three closeups and three full body, since they want to see both. It took several hours to wade through my computer, which would have taken even longer if I didn’t have Picasa.

Realistically, she entered extremely late, as the deadline is the 31st, so there’s not really any way she can surpass the 15,000+ votes of the most popular entrant. However, this competition is hosted on, so there’s a lot of exposure to be had. Agencies can see her profile, and she can submit to agencies as well. I’d love to see her pushed over into the top 1000, which is only 17 votes away.

If you have fifteen seconds to spare, please click the link below and cast a vote for Aubrey. She’ll be moving to New England in just a couple of months, and that means she’ll actually be able to audition for countless opportunities. A little exposure goes a long way, so any click helps 🙂

You can vote for her once a day, so if you have another fifteen seconds to spare tomorrow, and the next day, and the next…well, it would be awesome if you voted again.


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