Color My World

There’s been a whole lot of painting goin’ on around here. The playhouse took three coats (one of primer, two of paint), but the bathroom? That took a total of EIGHT coats of paint, although to be fair, that’s because I used an awful color to paint it the first time. It was a coat of primer, one of texture, another of primer, one of the hideous caramel, two more coats of primer, and two more coats of paint…the right color, this time.

Home improvement is the main point of contention in my marriage. My husband does not understand my need to paint, and is aghast at what he calls my duvet addiction. I do not have a duvet/comforter/quilt addiction. I just keep buying the wrong ones. At least I’m getting them from craigslist and eBay, so I haven’t spent a lot. I do have a quilt that I absolutely love that is pink and leaf green paisley on a white background, and of course, Ron hates it. It seems color doesn’t bother him unless it happens to be a color that I like. THEN he has an opinion.

Thanks to craigslist, I may have found a solution to my wanting a new duvet, Ron not wanting me to spend any money, and my overflowing closet; a woman is looking for spring/summer clothes in my old size, and she has a bunch of Pottery Barn stuff to barter. I’ll be able to get rid of some clothes that I never wear, AND get a new duvet in the process. Now THAT is a win/win.

While I had originally planned for the playhouse to be kind of a get-away summer house for outdoor naps, reading, quiet crochet, and a guestroom when needed, that was before Ron decided to go back to school. Suddenly, the project has become a study/den so he has a quiet place to read and do homework. At least I’ll have it to myself during the day. I refuse to turn it into a man-cave, so he’s stuck with shabby chic painted furniture, light sea foam green paint, and a fluffy daybed with lots of pillows.`

Our bathroom has been an ongoing nightmare for both of us, as we started the project with Will in December of 2011. Seriously! But then Will and I stopped talking, and although Aubrey and I were able to finish the closet and I painted the hideous caramel (worst bathroom color ever!), we still haven’t put up the beadboard that is supposed to cover the bottom of the wall that we told our drywall guy not to retexture, since we figured it would be covered. This means that we have a nice sand texture from about 34 inches up, then a 12 inch untextured patch, and then 2 feet of what looks like chunky vomit. I hate my tub that I can’t use bleach on because it was painted right before we moved in, and although it’s great to have a white tub instead of peeling paint with a green tub underneath, it sucks because it’s always dirty. Between the hideous caramel, the dirty tub, no light except for a reading lamp, the off-center giant kitchen cabinet that is set into the wall instead of a normal medicine cabinet, and the vomit-like texture, the bathroom was downright depressing. I truly despised going in there, to the point that I wouldn’t pee until it was absolutely necessary.



The caramel is gone, but it is still dark and depressing.

All that is about to change, though! The beadboard goes in tomorrow, then the second coat of paint goes on. While that’s going on, I’m going to have mirrors cut to fit the doors. Then either those cabinets that have been on my back porch since we moved in or shelves will be installed above the toilet. The light will be installed, trim will go on, and I will finally scrape up all the paint, primer, and texture off the tile floor. It’s almost there!


The blotchy patches? That’s partly due to the varying texture, and partly to my rolling the paint too thinly.


Notice the hole where the light should be, and the large kitchen cabinet. Originally, there were no mirrors, but I went to the dollar store and bought six cheap framed mirrors, broke off the frames, and used loctite to glue three on each side. They fit perfectly from top to bottom, but are too small on the sides.


Ron asked me how much time, effort, and money I want to invest in this place. While our budget is extremely small (thank you, previous dentist!), we’re going to be stuck in this house for quite a while…at least two, if not three more years. So time and effort? I’m willing to put in a LOT. While the house started out as an absolute shit hole painted like an Easter egg inside and out, when I am done, it will be the cutest little English cottage. I’m sure Ron and I will fight every step of the way, but it will get done eventually. Will is great at getting me motivated, and of course, it helps that he actually knows what he’s doing when it comes to construction, so with his help, I know I can make this place fantastic.With the bathroom and the playhouse both so close to completion, I’m having to decide which room is next. The shit brown paint in the kitchen? My office with the wavy lines of texture on the ceiling? Or my bedroom with the god-awful curtains and the faded sage paint (not to mention the acoustic ceiling tiles that make one wonder if the previous owner was a screamer)? It’s all so dreadful, it makes it difficult to choose which one I hate the most. It’s okay, because I have plenty of time. Unfortunately.


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