Love Is In The Air

My husband managed to surprise the hell out of me yesterday. For our tenth anniversary, he gave me a James Avery butterfly pendant that is two hearts entwined at the points so that the arches make the wings. Unlike my other James Avery pieces that are bold and thick, this is sweet and delicate, and I can’t wait to wear it when we go to dinner on Monday night. I expected the requisite chocolates (and yes, I DID brush my teeth immediately after eating a couple of pieces!), but I did not expect an actual present. It definitely made the day special in spite of our not going out.


Aubrey has a looooong day ahead of her, as she has to work a double. They are going to be open for lunch, which may be a lifesaver for the people who didn’t think about making reservations before the 12th. Dinner is beyond booked, so she has a ton of reminder phone calls to make in the morning. She was supposed to have the evening off, but because she is insisting on helping to pay for her thousands of dollars in upcoming dental bills, she’s trying to pick up every extra shift she can. Few teenagers would consider it as even remotely their responsibility, and I’m really proud of her.

I’m also really proud of how she is better managing her health. When she noticed that she was having problems with irritability and feeling stressed, she decided to go back up to her regular dose of Savella. She has been at a half dose for over a year now, but with the month she’s been having, she felt like she needed the extra pharmacological help. Anxiety and irritability are pretty standard fibromyalgia symptoms, but I always had to keep an eye on her mood. Now she’s able to do it for herself, which is HUGE!!!!

Matt’s semester is starting to ramp up, with the final project being a music festival. For his talent management class, he has to book the bands. For his multi-track class, he has to help set up the stage where the bands will play, so he’ll be running cables and extension cords on the day of the festival. On top of all that, he still has his regular schoolwork to do as well as his two jobs. Whereas Ron and I usually expect him to pretty much take care of himself financially, we know that he’s not slacking so we don’t mind too much about helping with his dental bills. It’s his last freebie, though. Now that he knows what happens when he doesn’t brush his teeth and drinks tea sweetened with honey all day long, once this overwhelming dental disaster is handled he’ll be responsible for any new cavities.

I am enjoying my new-found zeal for constant minty freshness. My mouth feels like an Orbit commercial (as well it should, what with the ridiculous amount that we’re chewing around here), and I keep expecting to see a little “plink” of bright light when I smile. I’ve been keeping up with my water intake too, especially yesterday when Aub and I were working in the back yard and singing along with our playlist.

It felt so good to be out in the fresh air and sunshine! While the rest of the country has been snowed in, we’ve been having record highs. Right now we’ve had the perfect temperature to get all the outside stuff done. In another six weeks, it will start to get humid and miserable. Our winter is comparable to a New England autumn…crisp blue skies and mid-70’s temperatures. It’s my second favorite time of the year. I can actually keep Gerbera Daisies alive for more than a few days since they prefer cooler weather, and we can work on projects without being eaten alive by mosquitoes.

I’m hoping that the weather holds through Saturday. I’m shooting a friend’s daughter’s wedding, and if the weather starts to change, it could seriously affect my pain and energy levels. I’m fresh from a round of radio frequency ablation, so my back is feeling good. I love being able to literally sit, as opposed to having to lie down.

I’m also hoping the weather will hold so that I can finish my anniversary gift to Ron by Monday. I’ve had a lot of help from a few elves, but there’s still plenty of work to be done. I’m going to have to accept that it will not be perfect by then, but it will be done enough. That’s a hard thing for a perfectionist to cope with. I wish I could tell you all about what I’m doing, but you’ll just have to wait until Monday to find out. I do promise that there will be pictures!

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! Don’t forget to practice random acts of kindness today; you never know who might be feeling a little bummed about being alone or forgotten. You might just make their entire week.


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