What Shall We Do With The Child

After a semester of Matt learning all sorts of new tricks, I decided that instead of Christmas cards, I’m sending out Christmas CDs. I usually write an “anti-Christmas letter” letter…hm, maybe I should post those? Anyway, I go against that whole Christmas letter grain, mainly because I am irritated by people who either complain about how sick they were this year, or who brag about how perfect their little angels were. (cough, cough, Ron’s family and friends, cough)

A few years ago, my mom bought Matt everything he needed for a home recording studio. He has since upgraded a little at a time, so it’s the next step up from a beginner studio, and he has a killer piano. Some day he’ll sound proof his place, although it may not be necessary, since he said he saw the studio he gets to use next semester and it is glorious.

Both of my kids have natural vocal talent, although I truly wish they would take a basic vocals class. I learned so much about how to breathe in my years of choir. I did teach them some things just by the fact that we all sing or listen to music for hours each day. When I was married to their dad, the stereo was on way more often than the television. Even now, if Aubrey and I are in the car, we either have the radio on or we have an mp3 player plugged in to the speakers, and we’re singing at the top of our lungs.

When Matt was little, I was a HORRIBLE mother. We would go out with our friends to listen to live music and just take Matt with us. It didn’t matter that is was from 10 pm to 3 am. It’s no wonder that his sleep schedule is non-existent as an adult, since he didn’t have one as a toddler. None of us drank or smoked (thank goodness)…we all drank tea and ate fries or pie. I’m sure the wait staff hated us for taking up a table for so many hours, especially in a place that usually had a 45 minute wait for a table. In spite of all that, Matt was exposed to live music from a very early age, and music in general from conception.

In essence, music is their lives, just like breathing and eating. It’s who they are. No matter what else they may do for their careers, they will still sing and play instruments and be silly or serious, depending on their moods.

Today, I am taking my children to lunch and then we are going to Matt’s so he can record Aubrey. I’m going to video tape them, because they are a riot to watch. They argue constantly, roll their eyes at each other, and tell each other how much the other one sucks. I just hope that Aubrey LISTENS to Matt. Just like not everyone has a supermodel in their house, not everyone has a music producer, either. Matt knows what sounds good and what sounds right, and he tells her what she needs to do, but getting her to do it is a whole different problem.

So take a second or two and listen to a few of Matt’s original songs by going to http://www.MatthewWrightMusic.com. “Nevermind,” “Can’t Sing the Blues,” and “Baltika” are all original compositions. “La Dispute” was just about him showing me that he could play something from sheet music, instead of just by ear.

Here’s Aubrey singing Anna Nalick’s “Consider This a Warning” and yes, that is her in all of the pics.

Here is Matt doing a cover of Karmin’s “Take It Away” which sounds NOTHING like the original. Matt rewrote the music, and yes, that is him on both piano and vocals:

The video actually does tell a story, if you pay attention…it’s about a kid wanting to make it to Carnegie Hall. I have full faith that someday I will see Matt on that stage, just as I have faith that he will someday score tv shows, commercials, video games, and movies.

The only sad thing is that their father knows nothing about them, in spite of living less than two miles from our old place, and now three miles from our new place. He’s never heard Matt sing and play, and he’s never seen Aubrey’s modeling pics. He knows nothing about how funny, brilliant, and sarcastic they are. It’s his loss; the kids aren’t missing anything. They are loved and adored without him, and they consider Ron to be their dad. I guess we know who Matt will be thanking when he gets his first Grammy….

“who’s got your eyes, my hair, and your smile, reminding me that we fell in love, but just for a little while.”


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