Brand New Pair of Levi Blues

Yay! Yesterday was a huge and exciting day in our household, for two reasons. One, the cat had all of his teeth pulled in a last effort to cure his stomatitis. We’re hoping this does the trick, because we’d like to keep him around for a while. We’re also going to put him on a gluten free diet, and stick with tuna, sardines, raw chicken, and raw beef. He’s thrilled, as those are his favorite foods. Since he’s happy, that makes him snuggly and sweet, which is NOT his normal personality.

The second excitement was having our new (to us) washer and dryer installed, and the walls patched and primed in the laundry room. While the handy guys did the majority of the priming, they couldn’t do the baseboards, as they are too dirty, so sometime tomorrow, Ron and Aubrey will knock those out and do a second coat of priming. It takes a lot to cover florescent lime green. They guys will be back on Monday to finish up, and then I have to decide how I want to decorate it. I’ll likely chop up some IKEA white voile curtains and make them just short enough to fit the windows. Now that the dryer is properly placed (as well as it could be with the water pipe constraints), the room seems so much bigger, so there is space for a table for folding clothes. I may build a window seat, so the cat has a place to lie outside. The guys are installing some Closetmaid shelves that I have lying around, and those will go directly behind the dryer.

That still leaves plenty of wall space for either stencils or a large sticker. I may go with the sticker, as I’m trying to keep everything as neutral as possible, so that we don’t have to repaint when we go to sell.

Ron got to use the new appliances first last night, as he needed something to wear to an early morning conference today. Other than the washer needing to be leveled (not a huge surprise), he said they work really well, and have all kinds of fancy knobs. I’m going to give it a go in just a bit and wash up some fabric.

After hearing how much it cost to redo that room, including paint, supplies, labor, appliances, and delivery, it was still MUCH less than buying a new washer dryer set, and they wouldn’t have been anywhere near as snazzy. Ron asked if I really thought it was worth it. I told him I’m taking pictures of before and after to our next marriage counseling appointment, so she can tell him that YES, it desperately needed to be repainted in order to make it easier to sell.

It’s funny how just a coat of paint can change how one feels about a room. It went from being the worst, most dreaded room, to the second best. Next month, we are attacking the bathroom. After that is the kitchen, our bedroom, my office, and eventually, the outside will need to be transformed from easter egg to cape cod, although that will be last. We should have everything finished by the time our debts are paid off and Ron is finished with his CPA exams!

It feels really good to see some progress. We’ll finish eventually…


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