A Meanie With A Beanie

I love the days when I don’t recognize my children. You know, when they do something so mature and completely opposite from what you’ve come to expect from them? Yeah, those days.

My son called me today to talk about his school schedule. His registration day is Thursday, and he had his advising today. After looking at his classes and his GPA, his adviser said he’s right on track to graduate Spring 2014, and that if he keeps his grades where they are, he shouldn’t have any problems with transferring to…..BERKLEE!!!

I was speechless. I’ve been not so gently suggesting he apply, as it would be perfect for him, and our family would all be in Massachusetts. I hated it when he was in Colorado and I couldn’t see him, although we talked every other day or so. If he is in the same (tiny) state as us, then I’ll have him home for holidays. He wasn’t on board at the beginning, but he’s been watching Berklee’s online classes and has accepted that he still has a lot to learn, and they are equipped to teach him.

I knew that he’s been doing really well in class, and keeps getting better as each semester passes. He’s finally found his place and his groove, which makes all the difference. Who was it that said, “When you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life?” Matt definitely loves what he is doing, and he’s actually learning things, which he did not expect at all.

His first semester was a little iffy, as he still had a bit of an attitude regarding knowing it all. Now he’s discovered that if you do know it all, classes are an easy A, and you can be the big fish. As he said a week or so ago, he never believed that he’d be the one in class who would ruin the curve for everyone else. (I never believed it either.) It’s not that he’s not smart enough, it’s just that he was more than slightly lazy. However, I think age has helped (he’s now 24), and all of his financial suffering has (as my husband LOVES to say) built his character.

I remember I was the same way, but not until I was 26. I woke up one morning and realized I was tired of being poor, and my (abusive) ex-husband wasn’t going to be the one to get us out of it. I had to fight him constantly in order to go to school, and he made my life as hellish as he could, but I had some really wonderful teachers who encouraged me and were there for me, both educationally and emotionally. For every “can’t” that my ex-husband threw at me, they told me “yes, you can.”

Matt doesn’t have to deal with a negative relationship, but he’s on the edge financially. Most businesses don’t want to work around school schedules (even if they advertise that they do), but a certain coffee conglomerate really does stand by their word to do so. He flat out committed himself to putting school first, even if that meant turning down a job. The coffee conglomerate has my undying loyalty for giving him a job and working with his odd schedule.

So Fall of 2013, he will apply to transfer, and Spring 2014, he will graduate from his current program. Fall of 2014 will bring what it may, but no matter what, I finally feel like I can safely say he’s going to be just fine.

“I’m a college man, I’m a college man. I’m a knocked out buddy when it’s time to study…”


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