It’s Time We Stop Talking

Tuesday night, after the election was called, I was shocked, horrified, and saddened by all the vituperative comments that people openly wrote on Facebook,, and I’m sure there were hateful words written on other sites as well, but these were the three that I looked at.

Today, a friend posted to her fb page:

“Geez, thought the political bullshit ranting would get better after the election but I guess that was wishful thinking. People need to think before they speak/type. Do you not realize that the ugly words that you use to describe those that voted/believe differently from you aren’t just aimed towards the unnamed masses out in the country but to half your friends?!?!”

Notice she didn’t name political parties. It wasn’t necessary, as both sides are guilty, although the liberals weren’t racist in their comments.

And then there was this post on another fb page by someone else:

” I have to say that this election is not about Obama/Romney anymore–they have been eclipsed by the way I feel about my fellow Americans. I have to say that I don’t trust a lot of them anymore–I feel like, if Romney and all he stands for is really the will of “the people”, then I just don’t belong here anymore. I’m not SAFE here anymore. Oh, I’ll stay–I’m an American. But the way I look at people is going to be very different, and the way I feel about America will fundamentally change. I know that sounds melodramatic, but it’s really true. ”

I had not thought about it that way before, but when I read that comment, I realized I felt the same way. I could not understand why my friends who are teachers would ever vote for someone who wants to cut funding for schools. My female friends that seemed to be independent, free thinking, self-conceptualized people were somehow convinced that Romney and Ryan would never be able to implement all of the “War on Women” legislation upon which stood their campaign.

I spent all day Tuesday in an anxiety attack, terrified of what the night might bring. Were we going to stand up for religious and personal freedom, or were we going to hand our country over to someone who intended to dismantle it much as he had various companies? Was this country going to be a safe place for women, or would I need to send my daughter overseas, like the Europeans did with their children during both World Wars?

Please don’t bother to go on a rant about the fictitious War on Women. The fact that women are being prosecuted for miscarriages is proof enough. The idea that a doctor or pharmacist, people who are supposed to leave their personal beliefs at the door, people who swear an oath to HEAL others can refuse treatment based on their beliefs is a sign that women are not crazy, and we are not imagining a wolf at the door.

Please don’t go on about how Obama lied, and didn’t accomplish anything that he set out to do. The President (no matter who it is) cannot wave a magic wand and fix a country overnight, or even in four years. We are a large ship, and we cannot turn on a dime. If you truly believe that Obama is at fault for what he didn’t accomplish, you do not understand how the three branches of government work. Besides the Executive branch, we also have the Judicial and Legislative branches. Our country was created this way so that one person could not wield too much power, as the other two branches could overturn something set out by the third. What this means is that without the cooperation of the Legislative and Judicial branches, the Executive branch has their hands tied. The fact that Obama was able to accomplish anything at all is pretty miraculous. Passing a health care bill of any kind was a Herculean task. It may be watered down, but it’s a start.

Please don’t scream about how abortion is murder, and Obama is a Muslim. Obama is Baptist. Whether you believe abortion is murder is YOUR PERSONAL BELIEF, and should not be inflicted on others. If you believe that our country should consist strictly of Christians and Jews, then you don’t understand why our country was founded in the first place. Our leaders fought for religious freedom, and even wrote a document that specified the separation of the Church and State. In other words, laws and beliefs have nothing to do with another. Yes, that means sometimes good people have bad things happen to them, but they are the minority. The separation of laws and beliefs is fundamental to freedom of any kind. When anyone can tell you that you must believe the same way they do or be prosecuted, we have reached a fascist state.

Please don’t ramble about Obamacare being socialist. Universal health care is the least socialist construct of our country. If you believe that we should have a military paid for by taxing everyone, whether they agree with how the military is run or not, then you, my dear reader, are also a socialist. For all of those that were affected by Hurricane Sandy, the majority of first responders (fire, police, National Guard) are all socialist constructs. The only large organization that responds to national disaster that is not socialist is the Red Cross. They are financed by donations…people choose to donate to them. Fire, police, and the National Guard are all paid for by taxes, and run by the government. That is the definition of socialism.

What saddens me is that it was very obvious from various comments on the boards that some people were against Obama simply because  he is black. How is it that after 50 some-odd years, we are still fighting a battle for civil rights, and still judging people by the color of their skin?  This is something I truly cannot comprehend…all of these people who consider themselves Christians and yet are filled with so much hatred for their fellow man. Where is Christ in that?

It is time that we stick our noses back into our own business, and stop worrying about the gay couple down the street. What they do in the privacy of their own home is up to them, and does not affect you in any way. If a gay couple threatens the sanctity of your marriage, I hate to tell you but your marriage seriously has other issues.

It is time that we take our country back from those who would destroy the documents upon which it was founded: the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. INALIENABLE RIGHTS…meaning they cannot be taken away, and are rights that belong to everyone. Abortion is legal in this country until it is deemed illegal by the Supreme Court. Until then, no one has the right to deny care to any woman who seeks such care. If one truly feels that they cannot help everyone despite color, creed, gender, religion…well, then they shouldn’t be doctors or nurses or pharmacists.

It is time to stop isolating ourselves from those who are different from us, and instead extend a hand of friendship. Diversity enriches our lives and makes us better people. It is time for us to take care of those who need help instead of locking our doors and hoping that they will just disappear. It is time for us to invest in the education of our young people; an education based on science, not religion. It is time that we stop blaming everyone else, and take responsibility for our own actions. It is time that our country become one of equals rather than being separated by wealth. Everyone deserves a quality education. Everyone deserves quality healthcare. Everyone deserves to feel safe in their home.

While I am sure that I will likely lose a few readers, you have every right to cease following me. For the moment, this is still a free country, and that is a wonderful thing.

“Hear me say it’s time we stop talking
Eye to eye we see a different face
Yes we we’ve conquered the war
With love at the core
I stumble, I fall, but I’ll stay




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