There’s A Fire

As South Texas reluctantly cedes summer to autumn, it has finally started to drop in temperature enough to warrant a fire in the fireplace, as opposed to blocking it with a large piece of furniture. This required much rearranging of furnishings, and some creative space planning, as I needed to somehow put my bed next to the fire, and still have the TV across from it. The problem is that if the bed is next to the fire, across from it is half the French doors. Fortunately, it’s the half that locks at the top and bottom, so I put my entertainment center in front of it anyway. Problem solved.

Yesterday was grey and chilly enough that we went through three fire logs. Considering they last for several hours apiece, my daughter and I felt it was an all day fire kind of day. It’s probably a good thing that she works in a restaurant that smokes meat, as she insisted on sitting in front of the fire to warm up after her shower, so she smelled slightly smokey, but in a good, bbq kind of way.

I’ve become quite attached to this whole fire thing, which is good since we’re planning on moving north as soon as our credit cards and a couple of other debts are paid off. I know that not only is it nice and homey, but when the electricity goes out, it is a source of cooked food, warmth, and hot drinks, so any house that we consider will need at least one, if not several.

Of course, here, a fire is pure luxury. Aubrey and I often go camping, so having all the gear necessary to survive and knowing how to use it is no big deal. Keeping warm means putting on a sweatshirt and some socks. Besides, we’re far enough from the coast to not be bothered by hurricanes, wet enough to not have to worry about wildfires, stable enough that there has only been one minor earthquake here in my entire life, and low enough that we don’t get the ice or temperature differentials that the Hill Country experiences each year. Oh, I guess we do get some serious floods, but I’ll take floods over earthquakes any day.

However, the primal instinct that draws us to a flame is undeniable. To me, it’s soothing, and I often get lost in my thoughts, mesmerized as the flames flicker and dance in their orange and red finery. Perhaps this is why autumn is my favorite season.

“burning in my heart, reaching a fever pitch and it’s bringing me out the dark”


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