Even If I Am In Love With You

I’ve recently started a new blog about my love affair with yarn, Toil and Treble Crochet. I’ve been meaning to do it for years, but I’ve never been organized enough to get it going. Not that I’m organized now…I’m just more motivated.

Two of my nieces opened Etsy shops this summer, and I realized Etsy would be a great way to get rid of my creations while generating income for more yarn. Talk about a win/win! Although it took me a few months to take pictures, create an fb page, start a new blog, and open the shop, the planets have finally aligned. I’m open for business at http://www.etsy.com/shop/ToilAndTrebleCrochet!

If you have a yarn passion, follow my new blog, as I will be posting about yarn, patterns, various designers, book reviews, product reviews, and a few secrets here and there. If you’re going to be shopping for holiday gifts, remember that this year, November 24 is Small Business Saturday. This is the day after Black Friday, and serves as a gentle reminder to support small businesses, whether they are local or online. By a strange coincidence, my shop is an online small business!

At the moment, there are only a few items posted in the shop, but there are more coming. I still need to take pictures of some preemie hats, a few baby blankets, and my current works in progress. While I love making shawls, there will be plenty else, and I will also consider custom pieces (as long as they are crochet!).

With all that said, there will be no more talk of yarn on the Life of Wonder blog. I’ll still be posting here, of course, because life does exist outside of yarn…somewhat. So join me at the new blog, check out my shop, and like my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ToilAndTrebleCrochet. You know you want to…


“all this to say, what’s it to you?”


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