It’s Only 3 AM, But Soon I’m Going On My Way

I’ve been packing since 6:30 this morning. We have to leave for Austin at 3am (blech!), but at least there shouldn’t be any traffic. I have my entire studio packed (lights, reflectors, stands, tripod, umbrellas), and a ton of batteries. My tablet is charged, phone is charged, I have all my cables, all my meds except for my hydroxyzine which Aub will pick up for me later. All my clothes are packed, I just need to figure out shoes. Now it’s a matter of picking out the fun stuff! Crochet hooks, wire, dremel, books, yarn, magazines, more yarn, charms and findings, more yarn…and yes, MORE yarn! I’m going to finish a few WIPs while I’m there, dammit.

I’m taking knitting needles and a Tunisian crochet hook. I have five years of digital pattern magazines on my computer, plus I’m bringing a few hard copy ones. I’m sure the TSA agent that gets stuck checking my bags is going to be thinking “WTF?” as one bag is nothing but photo equipment and craft supplies. My eldest niece, Julia, is the one who taught me to crochet, so I’m hoping she can help me figure out how to do Tunisian stitches, and maybe how to knit. If not, her sister Jessica, my youngest niece, is a knitter, so that will give me some quality time with her.

I haven’t seen Julia since she lived in Hawaii, and my grandnephew was about eight months old. In three days, he starts his first day of kindergarten, and I get to go with them, so I am super excited to be there for that huge event. I also have four other grandnephews, one of whom is only a few weeks old, which means there will be some major spoilage going on. It’s been four years since I last saw Julia, ┬áthree years since I saw Jennifer (the middle one), and 14 years since I’ve seen Jessica. They are all so grown up now, with babies and husbands/boyfriends. Where did all the time go???

Of course, as I was packing, I was lamenting about going the wrong direction for August. I’d much rather be heading to Connecticut than Tucson, but the desert is where my family is, so that’s where I must go. My only consolation is that it is a “dry heat.” As my cousin once said, “So’s an oven.” However, I lived in Tucson for nine months, so I know how hot and how cold it can be. I also know the secret of escaping the heat quickly and easily…Mt. Lemmon. I want to take pictures of all the girls, and up on the mountain, their makeup won’t immediately melt off.

Julia is the supermodel version of Aubrey, but with thicker hair and a huge smile. They look so much alike, but Julia is 5’9 and has cleavage. I knew Julia was going to be drop dead gorgeous, even when she was a gawky teenager who was all arms and legs, and tripped over herself constantly. She did not disappoint. She grew up into a graceful, long-limbed, gorgeous creature, who is incredibly photogenic, as is her baby.

Julia and Christian at the Grand Canyon

The last time I photographed her was in Hawaii, and I was decent, but I wasn’t GOOD. I think now I definitely qualify as beyond just good, and it will be fun to have another model to play with. Even better, her boyfriend is equally gorgeous, so I’ll have great couples photos to add to my portfolio.

I’m really looking forward to spending some time with my friend, Beth, whom I haven’t seen for a few years. We used to work together at a software company, and we spent most of our time gossiping in the kitchen. We knew the company was going down, so we didn’t have much motivation. She introduced me to Coldwater Creek, and would bring in her catalogs so I could dream and drool. Now I have a sizeable CC wardrobe, and I have to admit, it lives up to its claim of comfort.

My last bit of ┬ácomputer packing is downloading all my games from Big Fish. I hadn’t done it since I received the new machine, and there are several games I have yet to play. I’m bound and determined that this will be a vacation, especially since I don’t have any clients at the moment. I am going to do my best to relax, and try not to get in a flare. I’m even taking my swim suit.

I’m also going to try to get some writing done. After reading “Fifty Shades of Grey,” I *KNOW* I can write better than that drivel. Honestly, pretty much everyone I follow on wordpress and blogger are better writers than James. She’s just dreadful.

On that note, now that my computer is full of games and digital scrapbook paper, back to packing. I hope you are enjoying your last few days of summer!

“I have been around the world, but all that I can see are these moments that we have; you’re all the world to me.