Edge of Glory – the video

Although I hate to reuse a title, there just isn’t a better one. I managed to talk Ron into going to see Aubrey again (oh, and to celebrate his and Matt’s birthdays, of course!), and this time, I took the flip. It was a much better decision than using my tablet, as the lens has a substantially wider angle, and it works better in a low-light situation.

I could not believe what a huge difference three months has made in Aubrey’s talent and skill. She is fearless, and FAST. She has also learned how to flow, whereas in April, she was very jerky, and stopped between every “trick.” Now she is just one endless ball of whir, except for when she has to set down to let the blood back into her legs and get her costume out of her crevices.

Last time, I filmed her for almost 45 minutes and saw only two or three flips. This time, I had 28 minutes of footage, and over five minutes of pure flips and spins. It took me two days to make the video, and the hardest part was finding the right music.

However, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a million, so check her out:


Next stop, Cirque du Soleil!


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