I Don’t Know What You Believe, Or What You Think Of What You See

More progress! I can’t believe it, but there is actually a large area of clean floor, a clear chair, and two clear, organized work stations. That part of the floor is swept and mopped, and I have curtains up on my French doors! I now have my neat closet and a fourth of my room.

It started with wanting to display my beads. It’s great to have them in plastic boxes, like the kind you put fishing lures in, but I love to look at my beads as much as I love to look at my yarn. It’s so much more inspiring when I can see my supplies…and they call my name.  Hobby Lobby had all of their glassware on sale, so these bottles were half price. Cost: $1 each, $20 total.

I couldn’t just leave them on the side table (especially since it’s an outdoor table), and I really wanted a place where I could also put up my card making supplies. Of course, I hit up craigslist, and found an absolutely adorable hutch! Price: $40

It took a little doing, and we had to take the legs off, but Aubrey and I managed to get it into the car. As cute as I think it is, I was at Hobby Lobby and found drawer knobs that look like Suzani flowers. I love Suzani prints, so I had to have those knobs. It was meant to be, because they were half price. Cost: $5 total

I needed some way to organize my stickers and my scrap paper. For years and years, I’ve had two IKEA rattan office organizers, but never actually used them. Since I’m on a “use it or toss it,” kick, I thought they might be pretty handy. Indeed, it’s easy to flip through a few of my scraps and about half my stickers. YES, there are more, but they’re tucked nicely away into the closet. Cost: 0$


Now for something to hold my old print pattern magazines like Crochet! and Crochet Today. Not just any old thing would do; fortunately, a while back I decided to pretty up some IKEA cardboard magazine holders. I have about 25 of these old things, some being used, some not. They’re extremely functional. They’re also extremely plain. Here’s a before and after. Once things are more organized, I’ll post the instructions on how to do it. Since these were on hand…Cost: 0$. But if you were to have to buy all the supplies, it’s $2 for five holders, and it takes two sheets of each pattern to cover two holders. Paper is usually five for $1 at any of the craft stores, so it would be about $3 for two holders.


Here are a few more storage bits, and a couple of decorative thingies. The flower wire organizers have been sitting unused for ages, so Cost: 0$

A metal calendar with magnetic boxes to keep track of the days. I tend to lose them. Cost: $1.

A gorgeous way to hide my jewelry making tools. Cost: $4.

Matching storage to hold my aluminum crochet hooks that I use for wrapping wire when making chain maille rings.

I have a friend who truly sends out cards. A lost art, but perhaps the two of us can make it trend. Notecards Cost: $1

A cottage journal. Maybe I’ll actually write instead of type?

A few of my edging scissors.

Just a few more touches before I called it a day. I covered the comfy chair that I picked up at a garage sale a month or so ago for $30 including the matching ottoman. You’ve seen the original in a previous post, and while it wasn’t ugly, it wasn’t cute, either. Hooray for having an old denim chair cover that I happened to come across in the shed accidentally, while searching for something else, of course. Cost: $0.

While organizing a huge pile of curtains this morning, I came across two gorgeous rose embroidered sheers that I’ve had for at least ten years. I had planned to hang something else on my French doors, so I bought rods yesterday, but these were just perfect for topping off that cottage feel. Cost: $4 for the rods, $0 for the sheers.

The end of the day!

The only thing missing is a snuggly blanket for that chair…something that will add a little color. Fortunately, my niece, crochet mistress extraordinaire and owner of JuliaStyles, is working on just such a blanket. I bought it before she even put it up in her Etsy shop. I highly suggest you check it out! Here is my blanket in progress:

There’s still a ton of work to do in here, but I can actually see floor! I’m thrilled and excited, and it keeps me motivated to continue. Now I just have to sleep for a couple of days, then I’ll move on to the next bit. Keep watching as I decorate on a nickle.

“This is a part of me, what I do and who I am.”


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