I’m On the Edge of Glory

Whoo hoo! I finally did it!

I have a large walk-in closet in my office/bedroom/studio, but it wasn’t being utilized to its fullest extent. I just had bins of yarn stacked against the wall, and three bookshelves against the back and opposite wall. I couldn’t get to anything, stuff was constantly falling, and because I couldn’t see my craft supplies, I wasn’t feeling very motivated to do anything.

However, my dear friend and fairy godmother is coming to visit from Connecticut, and she’ll be sleeping in this room. The room that had crap piled EVERYWHERE. I couldn’t possibly ask her to stay here in the condition it was in, so I finally got motivated to do something about all the mess.

I started by taking EVERYTHING out of the closet. I figured the bookcases can be used elsewhere, as they weren’t very functional for what I needed. I put a large wire shelving organizer against the back wall, and it holds 8 bins of yarn, plus a few other things. I put the other bins up on the existing top shelf. Perfect!

Then it was time to tackle the shredded wall. When we moved in, the previous owners were using the closet as an office, so there was a long L-shaped shelf about three feet up, and one other shelf about two feet above that. The problem was that they were installed with screw in brackets…the kind that aren’t adjustable, but are extremely cheap and sturdy. It wasn’t really going to function for me, because the setup didn’t hold any of my yarn bins. Useless!

Unfortunately, when we removed all the shelves a year ago, we did a really good job of tearing up the wall. I had three options…patch the drywall, replace the drywall, or cover it. Because I had (and still have) several sheets of beadboard, I decided to go with door number three. A few cuts with the jigsaw, a whole lot of loctite, and a full container of brad nails later, I had a beautiful beadboard wall!

beadboard wall

I still had a ton of closet organizer stuff lying around, so I measured out the closet, and sent my husband to get a sheet of melamine, and had him get it cut into four pieces: 3 of 85 x 16, and 1 of 11 x 48. That gave me three shelves that would go completely across the main wall. With the existing top shelf and the raised bit of floor, I would essentially have five shelves in total.

While my husband was gone, I installed the headers, and then the standards. Because there were only a few studs in odd places, none of the holes lined up with the studs, so I had to use anchors with my hefty screws. I also took the precaution of screwing down the standards, again using anchors with the screws. I was done by the time he got back.

headers installed!

Using melamine shelving is great, but if you get the sheet kind, you have to use the iron on melamine tape. Ron picked up the tape, but neither of us could find the iron to save our lives. I decided to just put the shelves up anyway, and when we come across the iron, I can put the tape on with the shelves in place.

I put the three drawer storage containers on the bottom, and based the placement of the first set of brackets on that. Then I used the small desk-sized three drawer containers to gauge the spacing of the next two shelves. After everything was in place, it was time to load ‘er up!

shelves spaced and installed

I started gathering container upon container upon container, lining them up neatly on each shelf. It took about two hours to find things, and a few of the containers are empty (room to grow!), and a few are holding stuff I no longer need, or that doesn’t belong with the other stuff in with it, so I still have some organizing to do.

Ta Da!!

However, I think it turned out beautifully, and looks so lovely. Over the next few days, I’ll go through containers and break out my label maker and label EVERYTHING. I still have a couple of pieces of furniture to buy, a few to get rid of, and some rearranging to do, but I think when my room is done, I will finally have my truly happy space.

On a side note, the burst of organization lately unearthed a few unopened cross stitch kits. Aubrey has only ever done the tiny kits that are Christmas ornament sized. That’s how I got started, so I knew she’d eventually graduate to a bigger kit, and someday to a pattern. It’s been wonderful to see her cross stitching instead of playing mindless games on her tablet, and she’s really enjoying watching the design come together with every stitch she makes. She even took it to work yesterday so she could stitch before her shift and while waiting for Ron to pick her up, after.

Having a well organized studio is conducive to inspiration and motivation. It’s difficult to motive myself to go digging for all my supplies when they are spread everywhere. Now, I will have three stations; one for jewelry, one for cardmaking, and one for sewing/other crafts. I will also have my yarn on display so I can easily see what colors I have in which brand, making it much more likely that I will pick up my hook and crochet something.

I know I still owe you a picture of the final bed project, which I will do as soon as the room is straight. I have a hack story about the mattress that you don’t want to miss.

“Put on your shades ’cause I’ll be dancing in the flames…”


2 thoughts on “I’m On the Edge of Glory

  1. Being able to really utilize a space, especially storage space, is an awesome feeling. Looks great!


    • mzklever says:

      Thanks! It took a long time to get there, and I’ve still got a lot of work to do, plus I have a husband who rolls his eyes when I spend money on creating storage…he thinks I should toss it all. Sigh…uncreative men! Thanks for reading 🙂

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