I Believe I Can Fly

Five months ago when Aubrey came home from school, distressed, defeated, and depressed, she spent the first couple of weeks literally curled in a ball on my bed. After much prodding and stringent medication control, she slowly began to engage in activities of daily living, but she still wasn’t much more than a lump on my bed; she was just a clean lump with clean pajamas.

The difference five months can make is astounding. With five months of intense weekly therapy, she is a totally different person. Her job has truly helped her overcome some of her confidence issues as well. Now that she’s wearing makeup almost every day, she looks her age, instead of looking twelve. She’s also realized what a huge advantage it is to be beautiful, because she keeps getting free stuff everywhere she goes. That’s been a great positive reinforcement, so her confidence has grown even more.

Five months ago, Aubrey would only wear little kids’ undergarments. She’s so tiny, she fits into a girls’ 14. Everything was plain and cotton. Now, she has the most gorgeous collection of lingerie that she wears for HER, because she’s not dating anyone, nor is she interested at the moment. For now, she is focused on saving up for a new car and planning to return to Mount Holyoke in Fall of 2013.

She loves her job. She has a rock hard body, with muscles that, in spite of all the sports she’s participated in before, she still didn’t know she had. Swinging from a trapeze for two hours a day is a full body workout. Her first time up, she was there for about 45 minutes, then got down and immediately puked her guts out. She was thrilled with being able to spin and flip and twist and turn, and she hadn’t yet learned how to moderate it in order to keep from getting sick. Now she’ has the hang of it, and knows to spread out hanging like a bat with sitting up and slowing spinning.

So for anyone who has ever wondered what a wine angel is or what they do, I made a video from clips that I recorded when Ron took me for my birthday. The tiny, graceful little creature in the harness is mine. I still can’t get over it.

A few days later, she let me record her singing, “Consider This,” by Anna Nalick. Our plan is to find a song and make a music video, but we haven’t gotten there yet. She’s amazing, and worth a listen:

Not to be outdone, Matt has stepped up to the plate and started recording more music. He FINALLY, after 22 years of playing the piano, drums, and guitar, has learned how to read music. His very first musical endeavor with sheet music is “La Dispute” from the Amelie soundtrack. You definitely have to hear this one! The two songs after it are his original compositions, and “Nevermind” blows me away every time I hear it.


If you enjoy any of the songs or videos, please give them a thumbs up and a share. I’m so tickled with both of my children, and I hope that you are, too. Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “I Believe I Can Fly

  1. What and encourageing post!

  2. Let’s try that again…”what an encouraging post!” I have one son who has made a similar 360 turn around in a year’s time, and a younger son who is currently in a bit of a set back. I hesitate so when mom’s of little children gripe. I’m not the mom that says “oh these are the best of days, enjoy them,” because they weren’t “better” than these teen/adult days I am in now with the older two. Different though? Lordy yes! I love the song with the video. I sent it last week to a friend who’s young daughter is very, very sick. So glad I popped by to read and that healing is following suit with her hard, hard! work! Great stuff. take care, Kate

    • mzklever says:

      A friend of mine just quoted an author, that “One cannot force a bud to bloom.” Sometimes, they just aren’t ready. I’m so sorry to hear that your friend’s daughter is ill. It is the worst feeling in the world to watch your child be ill and yet not be able to do anything but hope and pray and wait. I do hope the video brightened her day a little. It’s cool to know that those people doing all those crazy things are just normal, everyday people who just work at it really hard. Positive, healing thoughts that she is able to heal and move forward.

      • Thanks for the positive thoughts for my friend’s little girl…in her case, her spirits are the best of anyone I know. Sadly though, she has hydrosepholitis (sp? water on the brain) and has had dozens and dozens of surgeries with a long break until a few weeks ago. Parenting is not for wimps, and you are right – it’s the balance of letting go and gentle nudges that helps them find their way. ~ Kate

  3. mzklever says:

    Hydroencephalitis. What a tough girl. If she lives anywhere near south Texas, Aubrey would love to visit. She was a counselor at C.A.M.P. Camp, which is a summer camp for people with all sorts of disabilities and illnesses.

    Last night, two little kids were at the glass watching Aubrey fly; she stopped for a second and waved at them, and they were SO excited. LOL!! Of course, she feels the same way about the Cirque du Soleil performers 🙂

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