She Floats Through The Air With The Greatest of Ease

I didn’t realize how long it has been since I’ve posted, nor how long it has been since I’ve even been on WordPress, period. I’ve had a problem with my meds and my fatigue, so not only have I not had any energy to write, it’s not like I have a whole lot to write about. However, I usually write about Aubrey anyway, and I promised my best friend I would write something just for her, because she’s “bored and needs something interesting to read.” I’m not so sure I’m qualified, but there is quite a bit of Aubrey news…

When Aubrey discovered that she was about to be unemployed (her old place went out of business), everyone started throwing ideas at her. For ages, her brother has been telling her to apply at a popular place downtown that boasts it is the only place in town with wine aerialists. I told her it would be a great place to apply, but to think of other places, too, because that place surely wasn’t going to have an opening. However, she became totally fixated on this one job in this one place. She was bound and determined to get hired, so of her own accord, she took the classes required to get a food handler’s license and a state license required for anyone who serves alcohol. She even paid for it herself.

I became somewhat irritated, because I am old school when it comes to finding a job…back in the day, I applied at 20 places, interviewed at three or four, then took the best one. Aubrey wasn’t doing that; she was seriously fixated. While the rest of us shook our heads and complained that she was completely delusional, especially since she had no idea if they were even hiring, Aubrey did not care. When I argued the point about her not knowing if they were hiring, she called and asked…and yes, they were. That’s when I stopped saying she was insane; I knew there were very few girls who fit her exact body type who are also not afraid of heights and who have a dance or gymnastics background. Ron still shook his head, but I told him that if she got an interview, she would get the job.

So on a Friday evening, she sent in her application online with the intention of following up with a phone call after a few days. She never got the chance. They called her the next morning for an interview that afternoon, then hired her on the spot. When they told her the hourly rate and asked if that was okay, she was able to contain herself and just nod. They pay WAAAAAY above minimum wage, and there isn’t a lot of turnover for this position. Officially she is a hostess, but all of the hostesses take turns going up on the rigging and “fly” for 45 minute periods. This is very similiar to the rigging used by Cirque du Soleil…which was confirmed when the entire cast of one of the shows came in for dinner.

The rigging was developed by a place in Chicago called the Chicago Fly House. They rig pretty much anything and everything in and around Chicago. They are also the ones responsible for training the “Wine Angels” for this company. So no, Aubrey has not yet been allowed to fly, or even practice. For liability reasons, she has to be trained and certified before they will let her near the harness. She kept asking around to see how often they come down, and it turns out they wait until there are at least two newbies that need training. When Aubrey found out, she came home and posted a note on facebook for her 500 friends to see, asking if there was anyone else interested in working there. She is beyond determined, especially after working there for a couple of weeks and seeing what the different Angels do when they fly. Considering she has paid to be in similiar harnesses, I think she would pay them to let her work there.

Next Friday, she’ll get her first paycheck. She is beyond ecstatic, as every day when she punches out, her time card receipt shows her cumulative hours for the pay period. Every day, she does the math and gets dollar signs where her eyes are supposed to be. This will be the largest paycheck she has ever earned. She has some grand plans, but now I know better than to tell her she’s delusional. I’ve always said that Aubrey is stubborn and determined, and doesn’t let anything stop her. This is typical Aubrey. Well, typical “old” Aubrey…before she was broken. This is my fearless rock climber, tree climber, shimmy up a rope in a matter of seconds Aubrey. She is glorious in her confidence in a way that she hasn’t been in a very long time.

When we went shopping for her uniform (which is a black suit, including a blazer), she had a tough time finding anything to fit. Although Ron and I agreed to front some of the money, she didn’t want to blow a fortune on a suit from Ann Taylor, and honestly, I’m not even sure they are small enough. Aub is so tiny, sometimes even a size O petite is too big. We ended up buying her girls size 14 pants, a boy’s size 12 blazer, and a boys size small button down shirt. After we came home, victorious in our venture to find something in less than five shopping hours, she went in her room to try it all on together. A few minutes later, she steps out, twirls around and quotes Will Smith from Men In Black; “You know the difference between you and me? I make THIS look GOOD!” I think it’s pretty safe to say she looks amazing in her uniform, and she knows it. Aubrey can stop traffic when she wants…it’s just rare for her to want.

After two months with Karen, getting a job on her own on the spot, and finally realizing that her looks can be a huge advantage in our shallow society, she is just about over Isaac. We’ve talked about it, since her job is the kind of expensive, somewhat pretentious place that his family likes to frequent. She says she’ll be fine, and I know she will. I also know she will bribe whoever is in the wine room to let her take their place. The Wine Angels are all over YouTube, and I believe there are only nine restaurants in the US that have them; where Aub works and a few Radisson Hotels. Now I’m just hoping she doesn’t decide to run off and join the circus!

Aubrey in uniform


2 thoughts on “She Floats Through The Air With The Greatest of Ease

  1. Cally says:

    Oh wow! That sounds like an amazingly fun job to have!

  2. […] reads my blog…Aubrey’s boss once did a search on the restaurant and my post came up; the one about how Aubrey decided to apply. Fortunately, no one else knows who I am because I use of a picture of me when I was four as my […]

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