Feed the fire, fan the flame

I just saw a youtube video by Lauren Zuniga, and strongly felt it must be shared.

Lauren Zuniga is my hero; i want to be like her, to use my words to make a change, to see my face cause people to stop. and think. think about what they are thinking, what do they really believe, and is this what God meant when he said to love thy neighbor? i do not feel loved. i feel reviled, hated, despised. i feel less than a person. i am less than a person. an Embryo takes precedence over my thoughts, my feelings, my needs as a human being. an Embryo is a person, but i am not. without a voice, my voice, all women’s voices, soon I will have no rights. Men argue and say that we are making a big deal out of nothing. indeed, i will make a big deal out of the nothing that i am being granted. i will raise my unheard voice, i will join it with other unheard voices, until WE are heard, until WE become the people that WE once were, just a few years ago. i do not want women’s rights to be something that my daughter only reads about in a history book. or my granddaughter. or my great-granddaughter. i will not wait for a few years to turn into a few more, and a few more until we are completely forgotten. i will not sit back quietly as i am told to do, as they wish I would, as even my own husband asks me if I have ranted enough on facebook. WE will speak out now, WE will make our stand, WE will show that WE are worth more than just an incubator. WE will make them see that WE are people first, that without us, there will be no more, no others, no one to carry on. will we be raped into compliance with a plastic wand? NO, WE will not lie down upon that table and spread our legs for more injustice to be done. hold an aspirin between our knees, they say. yes, WE will clench our thighs, and they will call us bitches and cockteases, and they will force them open, but it’s okay because we asked for it. no, I will not be silent, behave, be good, be what they tell me to be, be seen but not heard. They do not hear us whisper to each other that we know we are at war, that we are fighting for our freedom, fighting for our families, fighting for our chance to make a choice, a choice that i have made but would not make again, yet would not take away from someone else who might choose as i once did. our whispers will rise from a quiet hum to a Battle Cry as we wage this war for our own bodies. yes, i wish that i could be like Lauren Zuniga, that i could use my words to make a change.


“Through the dustbowl, through the debt, Grandma was a suffragette. Blacklisted for her publication, blacklisted for my generation. Go Go Go.


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