Such A Cozy Room

 Now that the holidays are over, and our organizer had us to the point where we could move (I say had, as in past tense), I decided it was a great time to redecorate the entire house. No, really, I mean the ENTIRE house, inside and out. Will came over and walked me through what was possible, what was smart, and what was insane. Although I don’t agree 100% with everything he said (dammit, that furnace should NOT be in the kitchen!!), it did help Ron and I come to a lot of compromise. Yes, somehow, Will pulled off a miracle.

One of Ron’s main complaints is my constantly overdoing it, which means I end up exhausted, start multiple projects, and never finish anything. Will and Ron made me agree to only choose one project at a time. Of course, my HGTV-washed brain looks at every room and sees 1000 projects that I want to do, and I want to do them ALL RIGHT NOW! How do I choose one at a time??

At first, I thought I would finish off my office. It’s mostly organized, with just a few boxes to go through. Of course, Aub’s been staying in there, so that makes finishing that room pretty much impossible. Besides, even being unfinished, that room is definitely liveable. No, that room will have to wait at least until Aubrey goes back to school.

Then I thought about which room I really hate the most. The kitchen is pretty awful, but no room in (or out) of the house compares to the laundry room. No thousand words can describe exactly how hideous this room is; this requires a picture (or three).

Easter egg? No, the door.

Green, yellow, blue, orange...and don't forget the purple door!

Check out that texture!

I know it looks like a basket-carrying bunny puked. What you can’t see in the picture is the 12-inch blade ceiling fans about two inches from the wall. Not only is it tiny, it’s jammed against the wall. In other words, it is useless. And then there’s the bizarre, unexplainable block of wood that’s screwed into the green wall.

I wish I could say they only used these colors in the laundry room, but that purple, blue, and yellow are the trim all around the outside of the house. Will says the number one thing we need to do is repaint the outside of the house. Finally, something we ALL agreed on. Even so, I’m not crazy enough to paint the entire outside of the house by myself. However, I could handle this tiny little room.

Instead, craigslist intervened. Have you ever read, “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie”? This is something of a cross between that and a really bad case of “while I’m at it, might as wells”, except it starts with finding the perfect bed; a Leirvik full size bed including the mattress and slats for $100. It was exactly what I’ve been looking for to put in the second bedroom. If I’m going to put the bed in the second bedroom, I have to take out the loveseat and dresser. If I’m going to take out the loveseat and dresser, I might as well switch out Ron’s desk that he hates with the Expedit cubbies and desk that are currently in my office. If I’m going to switch out Ron’s desk, that means the bookcases might as well go. If I’m going to take out the bookcases and switch out Ron’s desk, well then, I might as well paint and put in the quarter-round molding. If I’m going to paint the walls, I might as well paint the ceiling. If I’m going to paint the ceiling, I might as well switch out the ceiling fan with something that doesn’t have a case of the uglies.

See how this works? What seems like a simple project (putting up the bed) becomes as complicated as the Taj Mahal. However, everything in this room is cosmetic except for installing quarter round and the ceiling fan. And it would be kinda nice to have one room entirely done. So I decided to put off the laundry room, and instead I am focusing on the second bedroom. The first day landed me in bed for the next day, and I know that’s how this will go. The important thing is that Ron’s computer (and our internet connection) must remain useable, for however long it takes for me to finish this room. I only have Aubrey for three more weeks, so I have to take advantage of her handiness at such things as cleaning the crud from all around the baseboards and the tops of the door jams.

The part that sucks is I will finally have the house completely the way I want it just in time to put it on the market; the difference between this house and the last house is that this time, I’m not waiting for an impending sale before doing all the honey-dos. I’d like to live in it for at least a little while with it looking like a home, not just a house. We’ll see how it goes.

“Our house is a very very very fine house, with two cats in the yard…”


3 thoughts on “Such A Cozy Room

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes..I agree with Ron, it seems you overdo it to. I overdo it because when I feel good I think I have to do it all because when I feel bad nothing gets done at all.

    • mzklever says:

      It’s a common fault with fibromyalgia patients. It’s also why a lot of them are misdiagnosed as bipolar before finally getting the proper diagnosis.

  2. Boz says:

    Thanks for the help, I’m going to leave my office just the way it is…….I can turn on Journey in itunes on the Mac and all is better……

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