I’m On My Way, I’m Making It, Big Time

In an odd little quirk of fate, a lovely Brit who goes by the name “Mummy Big Bum” happened across my blog one day, and left a very sweet comment. So I visited her blog, and found it hilariously funny. Since then, we’ve been exchanging post readings and comments, but today, Mummy Big Bum graced me with the:

Never before I have received any kind of recognition for my writing, so this is a huge honor. However such fame comes at a great price, as I must now tell you seven things about myself.

#1. On Saturday, I got a concussion while dancing. I had called up my friend Will to see if he wanted to hang out. We decided to meet up early, then walk along the Riverwalk extension (or as Will snidely refers to it, as does the city, “The Beautiful Riverwalk Extension,” implying that the extension on the south side of town is not so lovely). We were going to watch the bats come out from one of the underpasses, and then wander down to the oldest VFW hall in San Antonio. We did meet up early, but I hadn’t had dinner yet, so we went to eat, which caused us to miss the bats. However, Will has a great eye for composition, and I took several really cool artsy shots that he pointed out along the way to the VFW. Once we got there and Will grabbed a beer, (I’m gluten free), he dragged me into the corner near the juke box. We had a rather passionate disagreement on the virtues of Garth Brooks (who is awesome, no matter what Will thinks), and Will wandered away for a few moments. In an effort to be nice, I chose a few Styx songs. This particular juke box really had no interest in playing the songs we chose, as even though it wasn’t playing when we got there, and no one put in any songs before us, it played several random songs before it began to intersperse our songs between the randomness. However, the juke box had excellent taste, as it rambled off some oldies from our high school days, causing us to reminisce about Senior Parties and what incorrigible creatures we were. As we sang at the top of our lungs, Will jumped up, grabbed my hand, and pulled me around to dance, in spite of my cries of, “I can’t dance!” It had been 15 years since the last time I danced, so I couldn’t remember a two step to save my life, or any step for that matter. Fortunately, Will is an excellent dancer, so I did what Ginger Rogers would do…all the same stuff, just backwards. Truthfully, Will led me along quite well, and other than dropping me on my ass when he tried to dip me, we had a grand time as we laughed and sang and danced. Once our songs were over, we decided to head to a karaoke bar that Will knew of in our area. I was expecting a dive, but it was actually a nice place, and because we got there before they started the karaoke, we got to sing several songs before people started piling in. Of course, we ended up dancing again, in spite of Will having had a few more beers, and there not being a dance floor. Although he was able to spin quite skillfully in one spot, I was not. As he let go of my hand so he could turn, I became a victim of centrifugal force and landed on my head, flat out on the cement. I laughed my ass off, got up and kept dancing, since it didn’t hurt…until the next morning, when I could not rotate my head without shards of pain shattering from the back of my skull. However, I would do it all again in a heartbeat, as I have not had that much fun in ages.

2. While writing #1, I realized I have been to that VFW hall. My mom used to take me down there while she played bingo. My cousins and I would beg for dimes so we could get these giant gumballs that were hollow. We would bite them in half, and then use them as little cups to drink water from the fountain, so the water would taste like bubblegum spit. I couldn’t have been any older than four, as Playland Park was still in existence. I remember this because my mom’s bingo buddy was a nurse named Virginia who was always incredibly nice to me. She would take me to ride the saucery thing that went up on one side. Sadly, Playland Park is nothing but undeveloped land surrounded by a chain link fence, with a few signs dangling pathetically. I can’t believe how much they let us run wild back then…in a bar, no less.

3. I was Miss Unpopular in high school. I was stuck in the netherworld between the potheads and the Laura Ashley dress wearers. I didn’t do pot, but I also didn’t have a stick up my ass. This left me with a tiny, but very loyal, group of friends, most of whom I am still friends with to this day. While I was completely against illegal substances, that didn’t stop me from drinking during most lunches of my junior and senior years. Which is the reason for #4.

4. I graduated third from the bottom of my class. Yes, even the potheads graduated above me. I believe this is a compelling argument for the legalization of marijuana. Not that alcohol was legal at my age…

5. I have eaten bear, reindeer, and bison. I know in the grand scheme of Iron Chef, these are not such weird foods, but they are to me. However, I’m a firm believer that while traveling, one should eat what the locals do. This was almost my downfall in England. On our first night there, we went to a pub. It looked like it was straight off the set of, “An American Werewolf In London,” complete with dart board, dark corners and everyone eyeing the strangers (that would be us). When I opened the menu, I was appalled to see that everything contained some internal organs of some kind of animal, and I don’t mean the regular muscle. I mean kidneys, hearts, intestines. Then it was either baked or fried. I had two edible “meals” the entire time I was in England. One was at our bed and breakfast and consisted of a bizarre but delicious breakfast of Campbell’s pork and beans, sliced fresh tomatoes, fried eggs, toast, and sausage links, served by the owner, a little old Irishman who spoke exactly like Darby O’Gill, only faster. The second was at Belgo’s, a restaurant in the Theatre District. It was a Belgian restaurant, where the food was great, but the Chimay ale was fantastic. I accidentally thieved the bottle that my water was in, not realizing it actually cost 3 £; I still have it to this day, despite five moves since then.

6. I have moved like a gypsy. Other than a move to Tucson to my brother’s out in the desert, and from there to a trailer in his friend’s front yard, then to a house in the city, all of the rest of my moves have been within San Antonio. Last I counted, I had lived in 22 places, including this place. I’m 42, and not military, so it’s just a weird quirk of mine that I used to enjoy moving every six months to a year. Now, I despise the thought of packing, and unpacking; with age, moving has lost its appeal.

7. I have a bizarre shoe fetish. While Imelda Marcos would laugh at my measly 20 or so pairs, the bizarre thing is I will pick one pair of shoes and wear them until they fall apart. Oh sure, every once in a while I put on a pair of sandals, and they’ll end up under the buffet by the front door. Or a pair of trainers, after a misquided and singular attempt at “working out,” will end up under the bed. Meanwhile, the rest of them lie languishing in various buckets and closets. Occasionally, Aubrey will steal a pair; as they joyously escape shoe purgatory, the rest look on with jealously glaring from the tips of their toes.

There you go…seven things about me; three more things and you would have reasons to hate me.

Now I get to nominate 15 sites that I love. Obviously  Mummy Big Bum is one of my absolute favorites, but she was already nominated. So, here are the other sites that I love to follow on WordPress:

1. Lesley Carter – Travel, Adventure, & New Experiences has some of the best photography and the bravest adventures, including pregnancy. Lesley is so honest about her thoughts before such things as jumping out of an airplane, she makes me believe that I could do it, too. I’m sure I could, but I most definitely won’t.

2. words i never said writes the most beautiful post breakup poetry. She bares her soul in every page, and I love her imagery.

3. Whimsy Dreams is funny little slices of life, short and sweet.

4. terriblytorn13 is a sad journal of a woman in an abusive relationship. However, I keep reading, hoping she’ll figure it out. It’s a rollercoaster ride of emotions, and way too reminiscent of my first marriage, but I guess that’s why I keep hoping… Someone needs to send her a copy of, Why Does He Do That?: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men by Lundy Bancroft.

5. A Pretty Penny is a fashion site, devoted to showing outfits cobbled together from bits of inexpensive wardrobe pieces. She is always cute, fashionable, and thrifty!

6. AttaGirlProductions is a fantastic new Latino theatre company in San Antonio, dedicated to expanding the range of opportunities, while supporting existing production companies. Full disclosure: I am the Social Media Director, but even if I weren’t, it’s still a cool site.

7. lostinthearmsofdestiny is another heartbreak site with the emotional roller coaster. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a tv, but I love breakup sites, and this one is really good.

8. The Ballad of Joey Flowers made me realize I am not the only writer who ties their posts to song lyrics. Joey is fabulous, and more about the recovery from a breakup than the breakup itself…and he has great taste in music!

9. Peas and Cougars is a hilarious cartoon journal and humor site. She’s was recently Freshly Pressed, so check her out. I love her stick figures.

10.  I Want Ice Water covers everything, from art to relationships, science…and he always has fantastic pics.

11. Where Do Gaybies Come From? is the funniest damned blog about being a gay dad. Besides the proud papa posts, he also talks about the realties of raising children in current American society.

12. A Full Color Life is a photo blog that is absolutely gorgeous. From raindrops to puppies, they cover it all, and beautifully.

13. londonbai is a creative writing blog. Mostly fan fiction, there are some posts that are almost short stories. Great imagery, but very dark.

14. ForeverBeautiful is such a powerful site about how positive thinking can change your childhood damage and allow you to have an undamaged adulthood. Powerful and heartbreaking, but also very positive and forgiving. I hope I can learn to forgive like that.

15. OhGoodieDesigns is a eventy and party planning site. The owner has been referred to as the next Martha Stewart. Check out her party tips and you’ll see why.

My 15 favorite blogs (and I should note they are in no certain order!). I don’t know how many are interested in the “Tell Me About Yourself” award, but hopefully a few. Either way, these are all great blogs, worth checking out…award or no.

“The place where I come from is a small town. They think so small, they use small words. But not me…I’m smarter than that! I worked it out. I’ll be stretching my mouth to let those big words come right out. “


7 thoughts on “I’m On My Way, I’m Making It, Big Time

  1. April Trice says:

    And a fabulous writer you are!! So happy to have found you and your blog. Thanks for the nomination, btw! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Thank you for recognizing me! I hope my blog will start to be more positive. I’ve never thought of my relationship as abusive, just bad, but now that you mention it….hmmm.

  3. yay to you for getting an award!! as you should, i love reading what you write 🙂
    i am a shoe whore as well – but not as adventurous with the different meat eating lol – good on ya!

    thanks for the call out here…i am so honoured that you like what i write. who woulda thunk that i am a woman in love and engaged to the love of my life – by what i write lol?? i grab on to any moment of sadness and write write write while its there 🙂

  4. Rae says:

    Thank you! Glad your head is better!

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