“What if you’re making me all that I was meant to be?”

Saturday, Feb 13th is Ron’s and my 7th wedding anniversary. Well, wedding may be a little too strong of a word. Commitment ceremony? No, that’s too asexual, not to mention too ceremonious. Ours was anything but ceremonial. That’s not true. Taxes can be pretty ceremonial. So can sitting in the marriage license office. But that’s not what this is about. You know how we got married.

I’ve always surrounded myself with people who have to be the center of attention. I was usually the person sitting apart from the rest of the room, reading a book. I thought I liked being the casual observer. Attention whores can be really entertaining. They’re generally funny, charismatic, and interesting. I like to laugh, so I thought that meant I needed someone else to be humorous. I tended to look past the more irritating qualities and focus on the laughter.

One of the things that made me fall in love with Ron is that I make him laugh. He’s smart enough to get my jokes, and appreciates my sarcasm. That’s harder to find than you think. Ron’s laughter is infectious; when he laughs, I can’t help but laugh. When he smiles, his eyes crinkle and his whole face lights up. He is beautiful.

Being loved by Ron is definitely different from any of my past relationships. He’s my quietest cheerleader; he doesn’t make grand gestures or loud proclamations. He does the dishes and the laundry. He takes Aubrey to dance when he knows I’m really tired. He goes to the store, and yes, on more than one occasion, he has purchased feminine hygiene products. It was an adjustment, though. It wasn’t until the jam that I finally got it. One afternoon, I came home from work to find a receipt on his desk from the grocery store. The only thing on it was a jar of red plum jam. When I asked him why he went to the store just to get jam, he said we were out, and he knew it was my favorite.

Best of all, even beyond all his other qualities, what makes Ron so special is that he makes me want to live up to my potential. He’s supportive, even when he’s pretty sure that my latest scheme will be an unqualified disaster. He may have his doubts, but he never tells me that I can’t do something. Because he has faith in me, he makes me have faith in myself.

So, while I doubt I will get roses, and I know that diamonds are out of the question, I also know that what I have is infinitely better. Anyone can pick up the phone and have flowers delivered, but it takes true love to bring home a jar of jam.

“I am by your side, where love will find you.”


3 thoughts on ““What if you’re making me all that I was meant to be?”

  1. grumpysmom says:

    There are no words in my vocabulary to decribe how this blog has made me feel. As your mother and as a reader I would have to be blind not to see how much of a change this man has made in your life, for that I am very thankful. You have given me a son-in-law that all mother-in-laws wish for. Thank you Ron, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

  2. He does sound wonderful. I hope you’ve written about how you met. If not I hope it’s a story you’ll share

    • mzklever says:

      LOL! I did write about it on facebook a million years ago. I’ll have to repost here. I just never thought that anyone besides my friends would read this. Now it turns out that everyone besides my facebook friends (and family) read it!

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