“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

Every journey has a beginning, and every choice creates the path along that journey. For some, they end up exactly where they planned, at exactly when. Not me. I’m anything but exact, which drives my accountant husband crazy, and nowhere is that more evident than when we are cooking.

“Taste it,” I say.

“What did you put in it?” he responds.

“I don’t know. Stuff.”

“How much stuff?”

“I don’t know. Some, I guess.”

“Augh! Measuring is the key to consistency!”

Consistency? The same thing every time? How dull. Instead, it’s always a pleasant surprise when something turns out edible, and sometimes, I discover something new when I have to improvise. Recently, I was just slightly short on gluten free pizza crust mix. It was already halfway mixed, so I grabbed the baking and biscuit flour and mixed some in. The result was a GF pizza crust with just the right texture; sticky, chewy, yet crispy, all in just the right proportion.

So yeah, I wing it. Like my pizza crust surprise, I am all the more resilient for it. Best of all, I sometimes end up in the most unexpected places.

That’s how I ended up here. Is it an end? Well, yes…yes, it is. But like the lyrics from “Closing Time” by Semisonic, it’s a beginning, too. Is this where I planned to be at age forty? Uh, no. Would I rather be anywhere else? Most definitely not.

In just a few months, I’ll be 41. Prime, baby. Not rich, not thin, not famous. Not the head of a software design company. Not an overpaid and even more overworked game designer. All these nots. That seems so negative, doesn’t it? Far from it. Because if I were any of those things, I wouldn’t be what I am. A pre-nursing student. A Feis mom. A volunteer. An advocate. Most of all, a writer. Yes, most definitely a writer. Writing is what holds all my incongruent bits together.

Think of this as an invitation. You are cordially invited to take a walk with me down this path. Occasionally, I might even shine a light behind us, just so you can see how far we’ve come.

So gather up your jackets and move it to the exits; I hope that you have found a friend.


2 thoughts on ““Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

  1. grumpysmom says:

    I really like the first blog.I will go on and read the next one.

  2. […] My very first post was inspired by Semisonic’s “Closing Time.” I had just embarked on a new chapter of my life at age 40; while I had the life I wanted, it wasn’t the life I had planned. Because my life has a sound track, I decided that song lyrics and titles would be my post titles. While I sometimes have to search for a song to go with my ranting, most of the time my posts are inspired by a song, making it easy to know which one to choose. […]

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